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About Us

We're cigar smokers and we created this site for cigar smokers.

In the spring of 2018, Ellory (our founder) and his wife, Ashley, packed up their stuff to travel the country. And as they traveled, Ellory was always in search of cigar lounges where he could enjoy a smoke.

To find places that allowed cigars, Ellory turned to Google and Google Maps. While those tools will tell you all about cigars, they don't do a great job of helping you find a place to smoke them. So, to solve this problem and help all traveling aficionados find a cigar lounge or a cigar-friendly bar, restaurant, patio or porch, Ellory created CigarScore.com.

If you've ever wondered #wheretosmoke or where you can score your next premium, hand-rolled afternoon of enjoyment, stick around – we think you'll enjoy what you find here.

Finally, we know that not all cigar lounges are created equal. We know that just because you can smoke somewhere doesn't mean you'll want to. That's why we created the CigarScore – a rating system that puts you, the smoker, in control; a system where you can tell your fellow friends in the cigar community where they should smoke and where they should stay away from.

To learn more about the CigarScore.com rating system, click here.

Thanks for using CigarScore.com, and maybe we'll see each other in the humidor someday,

– Ellory Wells