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On this page, you’ll find our cigar reviews. Each cigar is scored from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best rating possible. After smoking each cigar, that cigar gets a “Cigar Score.” You can read more about our scoring system here.

Cigar Review: Perdomo Estate Selection Vintage Maduro Imperio Toro

Initial Thoughts: Here at CigarScore, we love entrepreneurship. And, today’s cigar comes from a fellow entrepreneur, Nick Perdomo. Today we’re reviewing the Perdomo Estate Selection Vintage Maduro Imperio Toro, a cigar purchased from a store outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Upon releasing the Perdomo ESV Maduro from its cellophane prison, the cigar gave off a floral […]

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Cigar Review: Alec Bradley MAXX “The Culture” Toro

Initial Thoughts: Some cigars we review because you (i.e. the cigar community) ask us to. Other cigars we review because we want to know whether or not to stock up on them whenever we see a particular cigar go on sale. And today’s cigar, the Alec Bradley MAXX Toro, falls squarely into that second category. […]

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Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Mil Dias Edmundo

Initial Thoughts: Cigars take time to make. Not only does a cigar need to age, but the leaves have to be harvested and dried and fermented before they’re rolled into something we can smoke. And today’s cigar, the Crowned Heads Mil Dias Edmundo, is a nod to the 1000 days (mil dias) that it took […]

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Cigar Review: Dapper Desvalido Lonsdale

Initial Thoughts: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – one of the best things about cigar subscription clubs is that you get cigars you might not get to try otherwise. And, today’s cigar comes from one such box. Today we’re reviewing the Dapper Desvalido Lonsdale, which I received from Luxury Cigar Club […]

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Cigar Review: Byron 20th Century Habaneros

Initial Thoughts: Today we’re reviewing a cigar I received from Luxury Cigar Club in October of 2020, the Byron 20th Century Habaneros. According to the documentation I received from LCC, this Byron 20th Century Habaneros, after aging on a shelf for seven years, was first released for sale in 2018. However, for some reason, this […]

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Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro

Initial Thoughts: Sometimes we review really exotic cigars. Other times, like today, we review cigars that you should be able to find at any cigar shop just about anywhere in the world. Today we’re going to review the Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro, a cigar you’re likely to find on the shelf at your local […]

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Cigar Review: Aganorsa Leaf Guardian of the Farm Claude le Chien

Initial Thoughts: Here at CigarScore HQ, we’re huge fans of getting great cigar deals wherever we can find them. While sometimes that means shopping online, we’re also big fans of hanging out at our local lounges and meeting new people. Today’s cigar, the special edition Aganorsa Leaf Guardian of the Farm Claude le Chien, was […]

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Cigar Review: Black Works Studio NBK Corona Larga

Initial Thoughts: Whenever I go into a review of a cigar from Black Works Studio, I go into it expecting flavors of deeply roasted coffee. And that’s what I’m expecting with today’s cigar from the August Platinum Box from Luxury Cigar Club, the Black Works Studio NBK Corona Larga. The Black Works Studio NBK Corona […]

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Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo La Historia Rothschild

Initial Thoughts: Some cigar makers I like. Other cigar makers… well, let’s just say I don’t love their signature sauce. So, when it’s time to review cigars like today’s, the E.P. Carrillo La Historia Rothschild, I approach the review with open eyes, a clean palate, and cautious optimism. The first thing you’ll notice with just […]

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Cigar Review: Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo El Martillo

Initial Thoughts: In general, we’re fans of Joya de Nicaragua cigars here at the CigarScore studios. Like Gran Habano, JdN generally makes a good cigar at a fair price. So, when I wanted something I thought I’d enjoy, I grabbed today’s cigar, the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo El Martillo. After pulling the cigar […]

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