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On this page, you’ll find our cigar reviews. Each cigar is scored from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best rating possible. After smoking each cigar, that cigar gets a “Cigar Score.” You can read more about our scoring system here.

Cigar Review: Padilla Series 1968 Black Bear Torpedo

Initial Thoughts: If you’ve never heard of Padilla cigars, welcome to the club. Before last year, I’d never heard of the brand that has actually been around and making cigars since 2013. The Padilla Series 1968 Black Bear Torpedo smells a little green at the onset. After cutting the end, the cold draw flavors were those […]

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Cigar Review: RoMa Craft CroMagnon Fomorian

Initial Thoughts: I received the RoMa Craft CroMagnon Fomorian as a gift from a good friend. I’d seen him smoking this cigar on several occasions, but it always seemed to fall apart on him because of the finicky candela wrapper. However, after receiving the Fomorian as a gift, I thought I’d review it for you. The RoMa […]

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Cigar Review: Boutique Blends La Boheme Poeta Toro

Initial Thoughts: Today’s cigar is one I’ve had before, but wasn’t able to review initially. However, after smoking the Boutique Blends La Boheme Poeta Toro the first time, I knew I wanted to review it and tell the world about this cigar. After all, the La Boheme reminds me of a cigar that costs three times […]

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Top 10 Breakfast Cigars to Pair with Coffee

Up until mid-2019, I didn’t like lighter cigars. I assumed they were flavorless and bland. And, the idea that I’d pair a cigar with coffee wasn’t even on my radar. Sure, I’d enjoyed my cigars with water, wine, beer, and bourbon, but enjoy one in the morning and pair a cigar with coffee? That is […]

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Cigar Review: Plasencia Cosecha 146 La Vega Robusto

Initial Thoughts: Over the last year or so, we’ve smoked and reviewed almost every Plasencia cigar we could get our hands on. And today, we’re diving into the Plasencia Cosecha 146 La Vega Robusto, a cigar meant to commemorate the 146th crop the Plasencia family planted in Nicaragua. After taking the Cosecha 146 out of the […]

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Cigar Review: Black Works Studio Killer Bee Green Hornet Robusto

Initial Thoughts: Adding Candela leaf tobacco to any cigar is always a bold choice. But, that’s what Black Works Studio did in today’s cigar, the Green Hornet. The Black Works Studio Killer Bee Green Hornet Robusto is just slightly smaller than your traditional robusto. Both its smoking end and its foot have candela tobacco in them, […]

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