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On this page, you’ll find our cigar reviews. Each cigar is scored from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best rating possible. After smoking each cigar, that cigar gets a “Cigar Score.” You can read more about our scoring system here.

Cigar Review: Diamond Crown Robusto No. 5

Initial Thoughts: The Diamond Crown line of cigars from JC Newman are some of the most luxurious cigars around. As my friends over at Famous-Smoke say it, “these aromatic cigars are expertly handcrafted by Tabacalera A. Fuente and Newman families using only the rarest tobaccos and double-fermented Connecticut Shade-grown or Broadleaf Maduro wrappers.” It’s hard to […]

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Cigar Review: Zino Platinum Scepter Grand Master Robusto

Initial Thoughts: At the time I smoked and reviewed my first Zino Platinum, the Crown Series Barrel, I’d never smoked a cigar so expensive, so light in color, or, perhaps even so luxurious. So, when a friend brought over a 7-10 year old Zino Platinum Scepter Grand Master Robusto to enjoy, I was pretty stoked. On […]

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Cigar Review: PSyKO Seven Nicaragua Robusto by Ventura Cigars

Initial Thoughts: One of the best things about joining a cigar of the month club like CIGRco, Luxury Cigar Club, or Good Cigar Co, is that you get access to new and different cigars each month. And that’s the case with today’s cigar, the PSyKO Seven Nicaragua, that I received from CIGRco in September 2019. This […]

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Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Last Call Habano Geniales

Initial Thoughts: After trying the Last Call Maduro, I knew I also wanted to try the AJ Fernandez Last Call Habano. This cigar just looks great! The Last Call Habano comes from the AJ Fernandez factory in Nicaragua. It’s short and stout, and it’s a great looking cigar. Compared to the Maduro, the Habano has a […]

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Cigar Review: Espinosa Red River Valley Toro

Initial Thoughts: Another gift from a fellow cigar smoker, the Espinosa Red River Valley Toro is a cigar made exclusively for the Texas and Oklahoma cigar markets. The 6 x 50 toro has a dark Mexican San Andres wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco. After cutting the end, the draw is perfectly loose. The initial […]

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Cigar Review: Pospiech Powstanie Broadleaf Belicoso

Initial Thoughts: As soon as I picked up the Powstanie Broadleaf Belicoso, I could smell the dark, rich tobaccos inside. After toasting the foot, the aroma was of chocolate, leather and a hint of floral notes. And, after snipping the end with my guillotine, the draw was perfect. The Powstanie Broadleaf Belicoso comes out of the […]

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Cigar Review: Byron Petit Poemas

Initial Thoughts: My first thought of the Byron Petit Poemas was, Holy crap, this cigar is tiny and it costs $20?! Cigar smokers are honest folk who like holding onto their hard-earned money, so when United Cigars wants to sell me a stick of tobacco for twenty-bucks, I think it should be good. That said, the […]

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Cigar Review: Diamond Crown Julius Caesar Robusto

Initial Thoughts: This is the second time a Diamond Crown Julius Caesar cigar has shown up in our reviews. The first time was when we reviewed the Diamond Crown Julius Caesar Toro, but that was back in February of 2019 and before we started CigarScore TV. So, today, we’re diving into the Diamond Crown Julius Caesar […]

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