Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente God of Fire 2016

Initial Thoughts:

Today we're reviewing a cigar we received from Luxury Cigar Club at the end of 2019. In the months since, the Arturo Fuente God of Fire 2016 has been sitting in my humidor, soaking up cedar and humidity, and preparing itself for this very day.

As soon as I took the short God of Fire out of the cellophane, I was impressed with the fantastic aroma of the cigar.

After torching the end, the Arturo Fuente God of Fire 2016 gave off wonderful flavors through a great draw. I could taste leather and spice, and the cigar was complex, and, most importantly, it was interesting. Right off the bat I started to enjoy the cigar and had high hopes for the overall experience.

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cigarscore 4 cigar rating

Brand: Arturo Fuente
Line: God of Fire, 2016
Size: 5.2 x 50
Cut: Punch
Light: Torch
Price: $20.50 – Luxury Cigar Club

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Smoke Time: 75 minutes

Through the middle of the cigar, I experience a variety of flavors, both creamy and spicy, most of them good. The burn was even, though the draw was a little tight at times.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Arturo Fuente God of Fire 2016 was pretty good, though expensive. Specifically, in the final third, the cigar got hot, and the flavors developed a little harshness and bitterness that I didn't enjoy (and that I don't think a $20+ cigar should have).

Regarding the flavors, I wish the God of Fire was more complex. The spiciness was fine, but I'd have preferred for the creaminess to come through more. For the most part, the construction was pretty good, too.

At the end of the day, the worst part of the God of Fire 2016 is the price point. I think there are better, more enjoyable cigars out there that don't cost as much. For these reasons, the Arturo Fuente God of Fire 2016 earns a CigarScore 4.

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