Cigar Review: Liga Privada T52 |

Cigar Review: Liga Privada T52

cigar review Liga Privada T52


CigarScore 2

Brand: Liga Privada
Line: T52
Size: 7 x 54
Cut: Punch
Light: Matches
Price: $17.39
Smoked On: February 28, 2019
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Initial Thoughts:

Liga Privada is somewhat of a rare cigar and a brand I've only see a few times over the last year or so. They have a higher price point, and, I think, smaller fields from which they source tobacco. From the moment I grabbed the Liga Privada T52, I could tell how oily the wrapper was. In fact, the wrapper is so oily that the label has soaked up some of the oils and has taken on a semi-transparent look. After smoking it for about 30 minutes, I noticed a severely lopsided burn. The draw is good.

Final Thoughts:

I don't know what the hype is about the Liga Privada line of cigars from Drew Estates. The flavors were only okay, the burn was uneven, and the aroma of the T52 was nothing to write home about. However, about 1/2 way through the cigar, the flavors did get better – not a good sign, especially since the new taste wasn't wonderful either. Given the $17+ price point, I would have expected more. Because of the “eh” impression, taste, and burn of the cigar combined with a fairly high price point, the Liga Privada T52 earns a disappointing CigarScore 2.

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