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Cigars that take about 90 minutes to smoke

Cigar Review: JFR Lunatic Hysteria Toro

Initial Thoughts: Today’s cigar review comes from a brand I’ve historically really enjoyed. When I first found the JFR Lunatic Maduro, I loved its rich, chocolatey flavors. However, in the year or so since, I’ve struggled to find the same enjoyment from that cigar. So, when I saw that Aganorsa was launching a new blend in […]

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Cigar Review: Davidoff Yamasa Robusto

Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Davidoff Yamasa Robusto was its near-perfect construction. As you’d expect from a Davidoff product, the Yamas is a great looking cigar. After cutting the end, the excellent craftmanship yielded a perfect draw, something that is a requirement for a great cigar. The cold draw flavors were citrusy, […]

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Cigar Review: Drew Estate Liga Privada H99 (2018)

Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Drew Estate Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo, after taking it out of its aged and yellowed cellophane, was its incredible aroma. The smells of cedar and mulch filled the air. The cold draw was perfect and I could taste flavors that were leafy, nutty, earthy, and woodsy. […]

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Cigar Review: My Father La Promesa Lancero

Initial Thoughts: Over the past couple of years, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with My Father Cigars. Some of Don Pepin’s sticks I love. Others, well, not so much. But today we’re smoking and reviewing the My Father La Promesa Lancero. One of the first things I notice about this cigar is the flattened pigtail end. After […]

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Cigar Review: El Septimo Gilgamesh Aqua Anu

Initial Thoughts: Some cigars don’t have much of a smell to them. Other cigars, like today’s Gilgamesh by El Septimo, have such an amazing aroma that you just have to smoke them, lest your taste buds be forever jealous of your nostrils. After punching through one of the hardest end caps I’ve ever had, the cold […]

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Cigar Review: Kentucky Fire Cured Just a Friend Toro

Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed after liberating the Kentucky Fire Cured Just a Friend Toro from the cellophane was it’s strong, clearly present, aroma of smokey barbeque. Made by Drew Estate, who always seems to be cooking up something new and different, the Kentucky Fire Cured (a.k.a. KFC) has a somewhat dry wrapper. After […]

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Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda Connecticut Collection Robusto

Initial Thoughts: While working at my local lounge, a friend gave me a Nestor Miranda Connecticut Collection Robusto to try. And, being the accommodating person that I am, and knowing that the gift is as much as a treat for the giver as it is for the receiver, I said, “Okay!” and lit it up. What […]

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Cigar Review: Sinistro Honor Among Thieves Scala

Initial Thoughts: The last cigar I had from Sinistro, The Last Cowboy, was one I called “perhaps the ugliest cigar ever made.” Well, today, with Honor Among Thieves, it looks like Sinistro took my comment not as a rebuke or even a criticism, but as a challenge. This cigar is bastard-ugly. With a shaggy foot and […]

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Cigar Review: Diesel Whiskey Row Robusto

Initial Thoughts: Diesel. Whiskey. Cigars. Are there three things more manly? Today I’m smoking a cigar I’ve never had from a brand that’s still pretty new to me. Today’s adventure is the Diesel Whiskey Row Robusto, a cigar with a binder aged in Rabbit Hole’s Kentucky bourbon barrels before being shipped to cigar shops. As soon […]

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Cigar Review: Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown Toro

Initial Thoughts: It’s an interesting time to be in the cigar business. On one hand, the Food and Drug Administration is targeting premium cigars in the worst way. On the other, boutique cigar brands are popping up all over the place. Today we’re smoking the Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown Toro – a cigar from […]

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Cigar Review: Charter Oak Connecticut Natural Toro by Foundation Cigar Co.

Initial Thoughts: The Charter Oak Connecticut marks the beginning of my search for the perfect breakfast cigar. While I used to shy away from adding a cigar to my morning coffee routine, I’ve slowly come around to the idea that the two might go well together. So, today, I’m lighting up the Charter Oak Connecticut Natural […]

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Cigar Review: Perdomo Small Batch Maduro Toro Especial 2005

Initial Thoughts: In general, I like Perdomo Cigars. For the most part, Nick Perdomo has done a great job blending high-quality, delicious cigars at respectable prices. So, when I found the Perdomo Small Batch 2005 Maduro Toro Especial on sale, I took a risk and bought a 5-pack. The Perdomo Small Batch 2005 Maduro is a […]

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