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Add a Listing & Review Benefits

The need for cigar lounges and cigar-friendly bars and restaurants has never been greater. The number of internet searches for "cigar lounges," "where to smoke" and "cigars near me" has grown exponentially over the last 10 years.

Plus, with companies like Apple banning cigar-related apps from the AppStore, and social media sites Facebook preventing smoking-related ads, it's now harder than ever to promote your business to the people who want to visit your store. When you list a lounge on, you're putting that business directly in front of the people who will come into that shop and buy from that humidor.

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The Benefits of Upgrading

1: We're Not Going to Ban Your Business

Apple has banned cigar-related apps from their AppStore and Facebook won't let you advertise your smoking-related business on their platform. If you rely on somebody else, you're under their control. will never ban your business. We exist to SERVE the cigar-smoking community. We exist to be a resource for people looking for a place to smoke their cigars in peace and with a great group of people - whether that's at a dedicated cigar shop or somewhere that allows it.

2: Stand Out!

There are thousands of places where you CAN smoke, but only (maybe) a few hundred where you'd actually WANT to smoke.

If you've put time and effort and energy into making your location special, show it off! Our Preferred, Premium, and Elite listings all allow you to upload images of your storefront, your lounge, humidor, entryway and other places around your business to show off your attention to detail. Show people what you're all about (and what you're NOT about) by adding high-quality images to your upgraded listings!

3: Take Full Advantage of Our Marketing Team

Our marketing team is constantly out there talking to new cigar lounge, humidor, and bar & restaurant owners. We're always telling people to search our site for their next great smoke. 

When you have a Preferred, Premium, or Elite listing, you can take full advantage of our marketing team. No longer do you have to rely on your own efforts or pay an agency for expensive marketing. Our team is full of design and SEO experts, and they're up to date on all of the latest social media trends to drive traffic to your listing.

4: Right Where You NEED to Be

"Location, location, location" - we've all heard the mantra as it applies to real estate, but the truth is, the same applies online too. Having your lounge, humidor and restaurant & bar listed on puts your business rights where it needs to be! 

Cigar smokers around the world browse to find where to smoke and to look for smoke shops near them. As the world seems to be cracking down on where we can enjoy a cigar, it's becoming increasingly important to have your cigar-friendly business listed here. And, if you upgrade to a Preferred, Premium, or Elite listing, you'll be right where you need to be!

What You Get When You Upgrade


Free Plan



Full Business Name & Address

Clickable Phone Number

Clickable Link to Your Website

Map & Directions to Your Store

Click to Email Link

"Open Now" Hours On Listing

Links to Social Media Accounts

"About This Business" Custom Bio

Photos to Show Off Your Business

Add and Promote Your Events

Enhanced google search Metadata

Standalone Professional Website

New Feature! User Data & Analytics

Ad Supported

All 3rd Party Ads Removed!

NO Startup Fees!

Free Forever Listing

$250 one-time Startup Fee

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Benefits of Having a FREE Listing

Cigar smokers around the world can find information about your business. They can find and click or tap your phone number and call your store. They can find your location on the map and get navigation from where they are direct to your front door. Free listings will also direct people to your website if you have one.

A free listing provided by

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Benefits of Having a PREMIUM Listing

Customization and business photos. In addition to everything you get with the Preferred plan, with the "Robusto" Premium plan, you can add a custom bio to your listing. You can share your story and tell the people who'd come to your store why you're different and why they should come in. You can also upload images to show people what your store looks like. For example, you could show your entry, your humidor, and your lounge. And, as an added bonus, with a Premium Plan, you can change the meta-data for your listing so the best information about your business shows up in Google search results.

A CigarScore Premium Listing

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Benefits of Having an ELITE Listing

The everything PLUS plan. With an Elite "Churchill" Plan, you get everything included with the Preferred and Premium plans PLUS a dedicated website for your business. That means you get your full business name and address, a clickable phone number, a direct link to your website (optional), a map with directions direct to your store, live store hours so people know when you're open now, links to your social media accounts, a custom bio/about section, the option to upload photos of your storefront, lounge, humidor, patio, etc, and the ability to change how your listing shows up in Google...


A CigarScore Elite Listing

Image shown on Elite listings

PLUS, in addition to everything listed above, all Elite "Churchill" listings include a professionally designed website to feature your business. And, on your website, all 3rd party ads will be removed, and you have the option to remove all CigarScore branding as well.

Your website will feature everything people need to know before they visit your lounge, humidor, or restaurant.

  • Store Hours
  • Business Phone Number
  • Location Information
  • Photos of your Business
  • Map to Your Location
  • About Us Section to Introduce Yourself & Your Team
  • AND! Custom Google Search meta data for your business
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Example of an Elite Listing Website

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