What Is CigarScore.com?

CigarScore.com is the #1 largest directory of cigar lounges in the entire world! Plus, all of our listings are 100% human-verified. We're like Yelp! and Google Maps together, but better, and only for premium cigars.

Simply put, if you're trying to find a place to smoke a cigar, CigarScore.com is the best place to find and rate where to smoke, including cigar lounges and cigar-friendly bars, restaurants, patios, and porches. If you're looking for a place to enjoy your next cigar, whether locally or while traveling, CigarScore.com is the resource for you!

CigarScore is NOT an app!

Unlike most smoking-related apps, CigarScore can never get banned from the AppStore, the Google Play store, or anywhere else. Because CigarScore is a website, we control the experience, and we can remain 100% free for you to use.

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3 Types of Cigar-Friendly Businesses

icon cigar lounges humidors bars restaurants

1: Cigar Lounges

We define a cigar lounge simply as a place you can both buy and smoke cigars. Cigar lounges have well-stocked humidors full of great cigars as well as a place for you to relax for a bit and enjoy a smoke.

2: Humidors

We define humidors as places where you can buy cigars, but which do not allow smoking. For example, many shops sell cigars, but, for legal or other reasons, don't allow you to smoke there.

3: Cigar-Friendly Bars, Restaurants, & Patios, etc.

We define a cigar-friendly bar, restaurant, patio, etc., as a place where you can enjoy cigars, but a place that might not sell them. For example, a bar might allow you to smoke inside or out on their patio, but they don't keep a humidor.

What is a CigarScore?

CigarScore 5

A CigarScore is a rating of overall cigar-friendliness that cigar lounges, bars, restaurants, patios, and porches can earn.

What is the Best CigarScore?

A CigarScore 5 cigars is the highest possible.

How is the CigarScore Determined?

The CigarScore of our listings is determined by our community of cigar smokers. The CigarScore is a combination of cigar prices, the quality of the cigar-smoking experience, the friendliness of the business' staff, etc.

The CigarScore Cigar Rating System Explained

If you've read my cigar reviews, you might be wondering how I rate and score the cigars I smoke. Below is how I score my cigars.

CigarScore 5

Cigars that earn a CigarScore 5 are my favorite smokes. These cigars are so good, they should only be smoked on special occasions. I recommend these cigars to my friends and family members and actively seek them out in humidors. I also factor in price into the rating and keep that in mind when I make recommendations.

CigarScore 4

Cigars that earn a CigarScore 4 are great cigars, but, for some reason, don't earn a CigarScore of 5. These are your daily, “go to” cigars that you could smoke for a year and never get bored. They're smooth and flavorful, but, perhaps, not as tasty and complex as cigars that earn a 5.

CigarScore 3

Cigars earning a CigarScore 3 are fair, but not special. These cigars are ones I'd smoke again, but only if I couldn't find one of my other “go-to” smokes.

CigarScore 2

Cigars with a CigarScore 2 are ones I'd really prefer to not smoke again. They were ok, but I wouldn't recommend them to a friend or a family member. These cigars are sticks to be avoided unless you're up for a mediocre adventure and you can't find something better.

CigarScore 1

If a cigar earns a CigarScore 1, it should be avoided.  If I rate a cigar a 1, I will actively go out of my way to discourage people from smoking it. Just like a CigarScore of 5 is rare, so is a CigarScore of 1, but both happen. If I'd rather not smoke anything that a certain cigar, it will earn a CigarScore of 1.

Factors I Consider in My Reviews

Reviewing a cigar is a complex thing to do. We might not like the same things, however, I try to be objective in my reviews. I've been smoking for almost 20 years and have tasted cigars from all over Central and South America, so I've got a decent palate.

I try to smoke cigars of all shapes, sizes, wrappers and from all regions. I smoke my review cigars with different cuts and lights to make sure I'm giving accurate feedback.

Factors of a cigar review:

  • price – how expensive is the cigar and is it worth the price
  • draw – is the cigar easy to smoke, does it burn evenly
  • flavor – does it taste like grass or cardboard or something delicious
  • aroma – smell is almost as important as taste
  • smoke time – usually an indication of build-quality
  • several other factors – value for the dollar, etc.

I'm not pretentious about it, I just know what I like and what I would feel comfortable recommending to you if we were to sit down and have a smoke together.

You can find all of my cigar reviews here.