Meet the KingChii 26L Cigar Humidor. It Heats AND Cools!

A good humidor is essential for every serious cigar smoker. Your cigars need to be stored at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and about 70% relative humidity.

If you want to keep your premium cigars at a temperature that's either higher or lower than where you keep your living space, you're going to need a humidor that both heats and cools.

Today, we're going to take a look at the KingChii 26L Cigar Humidor, an electric humidor that both heats AND cools to keep your cigars at the perfect temperature.

Is the KingChii 26L the best humidor for small apartments and tight spaces? Let's find out!

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What I Really Liked:

When I first unboxed the KingChii 26L, I thought, “hey, this is just like other humidors I've seen.” And while that's somewhat true, there are a few things that I really like about this one.

Good Seal

The KingChii 26L Cigar Humidor has a good seal. In the video, you'll see me struggle to open it for the first time. Every other time the door kept a good seal to keep the humidity and temperature in.

Size & Weight

If you've got limited space, you're going to love the KingChii 26L Humidor. I was able to move the humidor by myself, and I think just about anyone could do the same. When empty, it's not that heavy. It'll also fit in a car for easy transportation.

Visually Appealing

The KingChii 26L is a good-looking humidor. We ended up putting it right next to a leather chair out of space limitations, and it not only fits in well, but it fits well in the space. The front isn't as mirrored as the NeedOne 48L, and I prefer the mirroring a little toned down.

Temperature Control

If you're looking for a smaller electronic humidor that both cools AND heats, the KingChii 26L is it. Within about a minute of changing the temperature setting via the touch controls on the front, the KingChii will start raising or lowering the temperature inside. It's also quiet when starts regulating.

In the first 12 hours, the temperature seemed about 2 degrees cooler inside than it was set. But, after about 24 hours, the difference was only about 1 degree, so things might've been settling in.

The Shelves Fit

Not much to say here other than the shelves fit perfectly. It's worth noting that the shelves are wide enough to hold a 7 1/2″ lancero, so you should be able to store just about anything in the KingChii 26L.

Space Utilization

By moving the rails on the drawer from the bottom to the top (around the 5:30 mark), the drawer's contents are below the railing. While this means the drawer needs to be on the bottom of the humidor, it also means that the KingChii makes great use of the space. No wasted space below the bottom shelf on this one!

What I Didn't Love:

I know, I know, the perfect humidor for every person in every situation does not exist. Here are a couple of things that I didn't love about the KingChii 26L Cigar Humidor.

The Size

Ya, I know this humidor is smaller, but the box of Oliva Master Blends 3 Torpedos I tried to put in the 26L didn't fit. It's a catch-22; a humidor small enough to put anywhere is likely too small to hold everything. The KingChii 26L Cigar Humidor is definitely built to hold singles, not boxes.

No Built-In Humidification

You're going to need Boveda packs or humidification beads to keep your cigars in perfect condition. A lack of humidification is hardly a gripe, but you'll need to keep it in mind if you decide to buy one of these units.

Brand: KingChii
Model: 26L
Capacity: 26 Liters/200 Cigars
Dimensions: 19.88″D x 9.92″W x 20.07″H
Weight: ‎29.7 pounds

Final Thoughts:

I like the KingChii 26L Humidor. It looks good, it heats and cools, and it fits where I need it to.

So, what do you think? Is this a humidor that could fit your space and meet your needs?


  1. did yours have that electrical/chemical smell in it? i hadpurchased the 33l-returned it due to smell and have purchased the 26l unit and it has the same smell. could not find anywhere on the web where i could ask the company what the smell is.

    1. Hey Michael, I don’t think mine had much of a smell to it. Any smell is most likely because of the plastic. Wiping the interior down with baking soda and distilled water, letting it dry, then rinsing it out, should work. I’ve had to do this with some “tupperdors” we’ve used in our retail store. You might have to do it 2-3 times to get rid of the smell.

    2. You have to wash it out very well once or twice, use dawn Platinum dish liquid or the spray which I think works the best and if there is still has that smell then take a plate that will fit inside covered with baking soda for a couple of days and the smell will be gone because I own 2 of them myself

  2. On the lower shelf area in the back of the unit (looking inside), what is the plastic container ???) attached to the frame?

    1. I think that was something to catch the water the unit pulls out of the air when cooling.

      1. You fill it with distilled water or humidor fluid and you use it for seasoning it and after it gets seasoned then put more in it and place it back inside to keep the humidity inside but I prefer using Boveda 72% 2 way packets because they keep the humidity from getting to high and it will keep it from getting too low because if you’re humidor has too much moisture then the aBoveda packet will absorb the moister and keep it level like it needs to be

  3. How many cigars does this unit actually hold?

    1. Hey Gregory, as you probably know, that’ll all depend on how big your cigars are. Next week you’ll see a review of the La Galera Year of the Ox 2021 Churchill which is 7 1/2″ long and I had to sit it at an angle for it to fit. Look at the internal dimensions and you’ll have to then measure the cigars you like to smoke – while still leaving room for air circulation. Great humidor though!

  4. Hey – thanks for your review. How do you season this prior to putting sticks in and how many/what boveda packs after?

    1. Hey Brian, I wiped it down with distilled water and baking soda to remove any plastic smells. Then I seasoned the shelves as I described here:

  5. Hey brother, any issues with noise? I set mine up and the noise is constant. Low annoying fan noise. 😢 Wondering if it ever cuts out, or I got a defective unit. Thank you for your help!

    1. Minor noise, but nothing major. I had this unit sitting right behind my office chair when we were in our RV so it wasn’t bad.

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