Cigar Review: Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro Toro

Initial Thoughts:

We've smoked and reviewed a lot of cigars. Some of those cigars are super-premium with price points over $25. Other cigars we've reviewed are right in that $10-$15 sweet spot. But today we're smoking what might be the cheapest cigar we've ever reviewed, the Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro toro.

Visually, the DE Factory Smokes Maduro was a decent-looking cigar with a few flaws. While the cigar looked okay, there were a few spots, perhaps water spots, on the wrapper that stood out.

The smell of the cigar was very leafy. The flavors were definitely budget-y, but they weren't sour or overly “paper-bagish.”

For a $2 cigar, the Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro Toro, for the most part, puts forward a great first impression. Let's see how the rest of the smoke goes.

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cigarscore 5 cigar rating

Brand: Drew Estate
Line: Factory Smokes Maduro
Size: 6 x 52
Cut: Guillotine
Light: Torch
Price: $1.87

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Indonesia
Smoke Time: 60 minutes

Final Thoughts

The Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro Toro was a very easy cigar for me to review. Overall the smoking experience on this cigar was fantastic.

The burn was almost perfect. The draw was excellent. And the flavors were better than you'd expect for a cigar that costs less than $2. In the case of the Factory Smokes Maduro, I've definitely spent more on cigars that delivered significantly less. This cigar didn't let me down in any way.

The Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro Toro earns a CigarScore 5.

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