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Cigars Over $25

Cigars over $25! It's only the most ultra-premium or exclusive cigars that warrant a $25+ price. On this page you'll find all of the cigars we've reviewed that cost more than $25.

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Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario
Initial Thoughts: There's Arturo Fuente. Then there's the Arturo Fuente Reserva Don Carlos. Then there's the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion[...]
Cigar Review: Fuente Fuente Opus X The Lost City 2017 Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Oh boy, am I excited to smoke the Fuente Fuente Opus X The Lost City! I got this cigar[...]
Cigar Review: Davidoff 6th Avenue
Initial Thoughts: I love finding rare and exclusive cigars. So, when I walked into the Davidoff store on Madison Avenue in[...]
Cigar Review: Byron Grand Poemas Serie Siglo XIX
Initial Thoughts: One of the most expensive cigars I've ever smoked, the Byron Grand Poemas is actually a brand I've never[...]
Cigar Review: Zino Platinum Crown Series Barrel
Initial Thoughts: Zino Davidoff is one of the most famous cigar makers in the world, and the Zino Platinum brand is[...]

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