Cigar Review: Padilla Finest Hour Sungrown Toro

Initial Thoughts:

Here at CigarScore HQ, we don't have just a ton of old and aged cigars lying around. However, thanks to the CigarScore Cigar Date Labels, we can keep track of what's in our humidors. And today we're reviewing the Padilla Finest Hour Sungrown Toro, a cigar we've been holding onto for over a year.

Pulling the Padilla Finest Hour Sungrown Toro out of the slightly yellowed cellophane, I smelled the cigar and got aromas that were earthy and almost like over-ripe fruits. After cutting the end, on the cold draw (which was really nice), I tasted something reminiscent of a sugar cookie.

Once the Finest Hour Sungrown was lit, the aroma of the smoke was a little bit sweet. Also, the draw was great and I got plenty of smoke on each puff. Additionally, there was a fair amount of spiciness to the cigar, and it tickled my sinuses quite a bit.

Through the first couple of minutes, the flavors continued to be spicy with hints of leather.

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Brand: Padilla
Line: Finest Hour Sungrown
Size: 6 x 52
Cut: V-Cut
Light: Torch
Price: $8.25

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sungrown
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 95 minutes

Through the middle of the cigar, things were going well for the Padilla Finest Hour Sungrown Toro. The construction of the cigar continued to be pretty good, the flavors were pretty good, and I had no complaints. It's worth noting, that through the middle of the cigar, I started to taste flavors of clay, that reminded me of the Davidoff Yamasa.

Final Thoughts

In the final third, the spiciness of the first two-thirds kind of faded away, and the flavors became more harsh and rough around the edges with the occasional hint of bitterness.

However, the Finest Hour Sungrown's construction was fantastic. The draw was great and the burn was even for just about the entire cigar. Regardless of the great construction, I don't think this cigar was good at the end as it was during the beginning and middle parts of the smoke.

Overall, this is a good cigar at a great price. The first two-thirds of the smoking experience was quite good, but the final third was a little disappointing. For these reasons, the Padilla Finest Hour Sungrown Toro earns a CigarScore 4.

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