Cigar Reviews: CigarScore 4 |

Cigar Reviews: CigarScore 4

Cigars that earn a CigarScore 4 are great cigars, but, for some reason, don’t earn a CigarScore of 5. These are your daily, “go to” cigars that you could smoke for a year and never get bored. They’re smooth and flavorful, but, perhaps, not as tasty and complex as cigars that earn a 5.

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Cigar Review: Hooten Young Gothic Serpent Torpedo
Initial Thoughts: When I first saw Hooten Young on Instagram, I thought to myself, "Wow! That's an awesome-looking cigar!" So, after[...]
Cigar Review: Cohiba Black Robusto Tubo
Initial Thoughts: After taking the first puff, I realized that the Cohiba Black Robusto Tubo, despite its near-black wrapper, was actually[...]
Cigar Review: 1502 Blue Sapphire
Initial Thoughts: I received the 1502 Blue Sapphire as part of my platinum subscription to the Luxury Cigar Club, and when[...]
Cigar Review: Foundation Cigar Co.'s The Tabernacle
Initial Thoughts: This is my second The Tabernacle cigar from Foundation Cigar Co. The previous one, I really enjoyed, so I[...]
Cigar Review: Hiram & Solomon Master Mason Gran Toro
CigarScore: Brand: Hiram & Solomon Line: Master Mason Size: 6 x 60 Cut: Guillotine Light: Matches Price: $10.69 Smoked On:[...]
Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Special Edition Sixty
CigarScore: Brand: Rocky Patel Line: Special Edition Size: 6 x 60 Cut: Double Punch Light: Matches Price: $12.29 Smoked On:[...]
Cigar Review: Serino Royale 20th Anniversary Maduro XX Sublime
CigarScore: Brand: Serino Line: Royale 20th Anniversary XX Size: 6 1/2 x 54 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $12.59 Smoked[...]
Cigar Review: Rocky Patel San Andreas Robusto
CigarScore: Brand: Rocky Patel Line: San Andreas Size: 5 1/2 x 50 Cut: Punch Light: Matches Price: $8.60 Smoked On:[...]
Cigar Review: CAO Nicaragua
CigarScore: Brand: CAO Line: Nicaragua Size: 6 x 50 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $9.50 Smoked On: February 16, 2019 Initial Thoughts: The[...]
Cigar Review: La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda
CigarScore: Brand: La Gloria Cubana Line: Corona Gorda Size: 6 x 52 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $10.95 Smoked On: February 15, 2019 Initial Thoughts:[...]
Cigar Review: Diamond Crown Julius Caesar
CigarScore: Brand: Diamond Crown Line: Julius Caesar Size: 6 x 52 Cut: Punch Light: Match-lit cedar Price: $18.95 Smoked On: February 8,[...]
Cigar Review: Cusano Connecticut
CigarScore: Brand: Cusano Line: Connecticut Churchill Size: 7 x 48 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $7 Smoked On: February 3, 2019 Initial Thoughts: I don't normally smoke cigars[...]
Cigar Review: My Father Flor de Las Antillas
CigarScore: Brand: My Father Line: Flor de Las Antillas Size: 6 x 52 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $10.30 Smoked On: January[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage Maduro (Churchill)
CigarScore: Brand: Perdomo Line: Double Aged 12 Year Vintage Maduro Size: 7 x 56 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $11.50 Smoked[...]
Review: CAO Pilon
CigarScore: Brand: CAO Line: Pilon Size: 6 x 58 Cut: V Cut Light: Match-lit cedar Price: $10.75 Smoked On: January[...]
Cigar Review: Punch Diablo
CigarScore: Brand: Punch Line: Diablo Size: 5 1/4 x 54 Cut: Double Punch Light: Matches Price: $10.50 Smoked On: January 23, 2019 Initial Thoughts: Described as "probably[...]