Cigar Reviews: CigarScore 3 |

Cigar Reviews: CigarScore 3

Cigars earning a CigarScore 3 are fair, but not special. These cigars are ones I’d smoke again, but only if I couldn’t find one of my other “go-to” smokes.

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Cigar Review: Southern Draw Firethorn
Initial Thoughts: Before starting, I wasn't terribly familiar with cigar brands that were more "boutique" or that weren't older and[...]
Cigar Review: ACID Kuba Arte
Initial Thoughts: One of the first things I noticed about the ACID Kuba Arte was the smell. The oily aroma of[...]
Cigar Review: Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff Habano
Initial Thoughts: To date, the Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff is my third cigar from Caldwell, and this is one of their[...]
Cigar Review: Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man Lancero
Initial Thoughts: One good thing about cigar subscription boxes is that I get to try new and exciting cigars. And today,[...]
Cigar Review: Caldwell Young Savages Short Corona Gorda
Initial Thoughts: The Caldwell cigar company is always doing something a little different, and today I'm smoking the Caldwell Young Savages[...]
Cigar Review: My Father #5 Toro
Initial Thoughts: I always get excited about trying new cigars, especially from brands I know I already like. Today I'm enjoying[...]
Cigar Review: Viva La Vida by Artesano del Tobacco
Initial Thoughts: I've said it before and I'll say it again - cigar of the month clubs are great for trying[...]
Cigar Review: Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour Toro
Initial Thoughts: Winston Churchill is one of the most iconic names in the cigar world, and he didn't even make cigars.[...]
Cigar Review: Nova Cigars Platinum Perfecto
Initial Thoughts: When I pulled the Nova Cigars Platinum Perfecto out of the June box from Luxury Cigar Club, I said[...]
Cigar Review: Davidoff 6th Avenue
Initial Thoughts: I love finding rare and exclusive cigars. So, when I walked into the Davidoff store on Madison Avenue in[...]
Cigar Review: Padron 1964 Anniversary Series
Initial Thoughts: Padron is one of the biggest names in the cigar world, and the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series is one[...]
Cigar Review: Muestra de Saka Nacatamale by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Initial Thoughts: Very few people in the cigar world make a name for themselves outside the brand they're associated with. Of[...]
Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo Encore Majestic
Initial Thoughts: When I saw that the E.P. Carrillo Encore Majestic had earned "Cigar of the Year" for 2018, I knew[...]
Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Reserva Don Carlos
Initial Thoughts: I don't smoke a lot of Arturo Fuente cigars. To me, Fuentes are either super high-end and rare, or[...]
Cigar Review: Fuente Fuente Opus X Forbidden X 2014
Initial Thoughts: When I joined the Cigar Rights of America in 2018, I received a bundle of cigars in return. In[...]
Cigar Review: Partagas Serie D No. 4
Initial Thoughts: This Partaga Serie D No. 4 was a farewell gift from a friend when Ashley and I left Cincinnati.[...]
Cigar Review: Sinistro Mr. White Belicoso
Initial Thoughts: I went into the Sinistro Mr. White completely blind. I knew nothing about this cigar or the Sinistro brand,[...]
Cigar Review: The Judge Toro Fino by My Father
Initial Thoughts: If you've been following me for a while, you know I'm a big fan of Don Pepin and My[...]
Cigar Review: Charter Oak Maduro by Foundation Cigar Co.
Initial Thoughts: When I first picked up the Charter Oak Maduro by Foundation Cigar Co., I noticed two things. First, I[...]
Cigar Review: Sobremesa El Americano
Initial Thoughts: I've seen a lot of talk about and praise for Steve Saka lately, so I thought I'd give one[...]
Cigar Review: RoMa Craft CroMagnon Cranium
CigarScore: Brand: RoMa Craft Line: CroMagnon Size: 6 x 54 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $10.39 Smoked On: March 15,[...]
Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Firecracker
Initial Thoughts: I'm not gonna lie, when I had the chance to smoke a three inch, double ligero, limited edition cigar,[...]
Cigar Review: Cohiba Nicaragua N54
CigarScore: Brand: Cohiba Line: Nicaragua N54 Size: 5 1/2 x 54 Cut: Guillotine Light: Matches Price: $13 Smoked On: March[...]
Cigar Review: Bandolero Tremendos
CigarScore: Brand: Bandolero Line: Tremendos Size: 5 x 50 Cut: Punch Light: Matches Price: $13.59 Smoked On: March 4, 2019[...]
Cigar Review: JFR Lunatic Habano Short Titan
CigarScore: Brand: JFR Line: Lunatic Size: 4 3/4 x 60 Cut: Punch Light: Matches Price: $__ Smoked On: February 27, 2019[...]
Cigar Review: Bugatti Scuro
CigarScore: Brand: Bugatti Line: Scuro Size: 5 x 50 Cut: Punch Light: Match-lit cedar Price: $5.25 Smoked On: February 17, 2019 Initial Thoughts:[...]
Cigar Review: My Father La Opulencia
CigarScore: Brand: My Father Line: La Opulencia Size: 6 x 54 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $15.95 Smoked On: February 17, 2019[...]
Cigar Review: Camacho Coyolar
CigarScore: Brand: Camacho Line: Coyolar Size: 6 x 52 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $12.10 Smoked On: February 14, 2019 Initial Thoughts: When[...]
Cigar Review: Punch Chateau L
CigarScore: Brand: Punch Line: Chateau L Size: 7 1/4 x 54 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $13.75 Smoked On: February 12, 2019[...]
Cigar Review: Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur
CigarScore: Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey Line: Excalibur Size: 7 1/4 x 54 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $12.70 Smoked On: February 11,[...]
Cigar Review: Punch Signature
CigarScore: Brand: Punch Line: Signature Size: 6 x 60 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $11.70 Smoked On: February 10, 2019 Initial Thoughts: Punch[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown
CigarScore: Brand: Perdomo Line: Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown Size: 6 x 54 Cut: V cut Light: Match-lit cedar Price: $11.10[...]
Cigar Review: H. Upmann Churchill
CigarScore: Brand: H. Upmann Line: Cuban Size: 7 x 50 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $15 Smoked On: January 25,[...]
Cigar Review: My Father La Gran Oferta
CigarScore: Brand: My Father Line: La Gran Oferta Size: 6 x 50 Cut: Punch Light: Matches Price: $11.30 Smoked On: February 2,[...]
Cigar Review: Don Pepin Garcia Original Invictos
CigarScore: Brand: Don Pepin Line: Garcia Blue Size: 5 x 50 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $11.40 Smoked On: February 3, 2019[...]
Cigar Review: Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial by My Father
CigarScore: Brand: My Father Line: Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Size: 6 x 54 Cut: V cut Light: Match-lit cedar Price: $10.00 Smoked[...]
Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story
CigarScore: Brand: Arturo Fuente Line: Hemingway Short Story Size: 4 x 49 Cut: V cut Light: Matches Price: $10.25 Smoked On: January[...]
Cigar Review: Camacho LegendArio Bertha
CigarScore: Brand: Camacho Line: LegendArio Size: 6 x 60 Cut: V Cut Light: Gas-lit Cedar Price: $9.30 Smoked On: January 23,[...]
Cigar Review: Gurkha Ghost Asura
CigarScore: Brand: Gurkha Line: Ghost Asura Size: 6 x 54 Cut: Cross-Cut V Light: Match-lit Cedar Price: $10.95 Smoked On:[...]
Cigar Review: Hoyo La Amistad Black by AJ Fernandez
CigarScore: Brand: AJ Fernandez Line: Hoyo La Amistad Size: 6.5 x 52 Cut: Punch Light: Torch Price: $11.00 Smoked On:[...]
Cigar Review: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli No. 64
CigarScore: Brand: La Gloria Cubana Line: Serie R Esteli No. 64 Size: 6 1/4 x 64 Cut: V Cut Light:[...]

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