Cigar Review: Quesada Cigars Casa Magna Tiberius

Initial Thoughts:

We've reviewed ugly cigars and we've reviewed beautiful cigars. But today's cigar is, well, odd. The Quesada Cigars Casa Magna Tiberius isn't a bad-looking cigar, but it is a flat one.

The first thing I noticed about the Casa Magna Tiberius was that it looked as if it was smooshed after it was rolled. The second thing I noticed was the classic-ness of the Casa Magna label, with bold red and hints of green. I liked it. Finally, I noticed a really well-marbled wrapper that looks delicious.

After cutting the cigar, the draw was good and I tasted a little bit of cedar on the cold draw.


cigarscore 3 cigar rating

Brand: Quesada / Plasencia
Line: Casa Magna
Size: 6 x 54
Cut: Guillotine
Light: Torch
Price: $12.15 – Luxury Cigar Club

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 81 minutes

Through the middle of the Quesada Cigars Casa Magna Tiberius, the flavors were pretty good and reminded me of peanut brittle that had been left to cook just a little too long. The draw was good, but the burn became uneven in the second half.

Additionally, when I tried to remove the Casa Magna label, there was some excessive glue that stuck the paper label to the Nicaraguan wrapper leaf, and that caused an unfortunate tear.

Final Thoughts

For most of the Quesada Cigars Casa Magna Tiberius, the draw was pretty good. The burn was also mostly good, but I did have to even it up once.

My main complaints about the Casa Magna were the flavors. For the first two-thirds of the cigar, the flavors were pretty good. If I were only reviewing the flavors and only the flavors of the first 66%, I would've enjoyed this cigar more.

However, that's not the case. The flavors of the final third were a little sour and kind of funky, and I didn't enjoy them at all.

Despite the construction issues but taking the decline of the final third into account, the Quesada Cigars Casa Magna Tiberius earns a CigarScore 3.

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