Cigar Review: Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut

Initial Thoughts:

Something I've said before and I'll say again is that it's often better to be interesting than good. And that's where we start today's review of the Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut. Man, this thing sure is interesting.

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The Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut, once you get it out of the paper (there's no cellophane on these cigars), you're greeted with a great-looking cigar.

In the past, when so much attention has been paid to the label, in this case, the Johnny Tobacconaut walking with tobacco leaves in his pack while carrying a shovel, sometimes less attention is paid to the actual cigar. Hopefully, that's not the case today, and the cigar is as appealing as the label, and it tastes as good as it looks.

On the cold draw, I tasted lemon or some other type of acidic citrus. After torching the end, my first thoughts were that the Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut was very mild and light on flavor.


cigarscore 4 cigar rating

Brand: Room 101
Line: Johnny Tobacconaut
Size: 6 x 56
Cut: Guillotine
Light: Torch
Price: $16.00 – Luxury Cigar Club

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 75 minutes

Toward the end of the first third, the cigar developed a fairly uneven burn. That's occasionally a problem with cigars that have tapered ends as this one does.

However, as the Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut got thicker, the flavors evolved quite a bit. What started out as fairly mild and light on flavor turned into a spicy and creamy cigar with quite a bit of complexity. The cigar is very smooth on the palate, but with some nice spice on the retrohale.

In the second half, some excess glue on the label stuck to the thin Ecuadorian wrapper and caused a disappointing tear.

Final Thoughts

Through the first 10 minutes of the Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut, the flavors were very mild and featured hints of lemon and citrus. Then things got interesting.

As we got into the wider part of the cigar, that's when the flavors really became complex and delicious. While the citrus remained, it took a back seat to the creaminess and spiciness that characterized the majority of the cigar.

Regarding the construction, there was a weird burn issue in the final third, and an uneven burn that had to be fixed in the first third.

Overall, my 75 minutes with this cigar were good ones. If I hadn't had the burn issue, this cigar would've scored differently. And, I'd like to see the price drop just a few dollars on this stick. However, I really enjoyed this cigar, so the Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut earns a CigarScore 4.

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