Cigar Review: Serino Wayfarer Corona Gorda

Initial Thoughts:

People often get into a groove. They find what they like, they stick to it, and they rarely deviate from that point of view. Well, today's cigar might shift my point of view about my preferred size of cigar.

A few months ago, Good Cigar Co sent me the Serino Wayfarer Corona Gorda, a vitola that I'm starting to really enjoy. Right away, I was impressed with how this cigar felt in my hand.

After punching the end, the cold draw had the perfect amount of resistance and delivered flavors like fresh pine sawdust. Once the foot was torched, the aroma of the smoke was of freshly roasted coffee. There was also a spiciness and boldness in the first third.


cigarscore 3 cigar rating

Brand: Serino
Line: Wayfarer
Size: 6 x 46
Cut: Punch
Light: Torch
Price: $8.75 – Good Cigar Co

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 70 minutes

Through the middle of the cigar, there was nice complexity to the flavors. I could taste cedar and leather, creaminess and spice. There was a tiny burn issue that resulted in a slight canoe, but I burned through it without issue.

About 45 minutes into the cigar, I discovered a hollow spot in the cigar. The draw became weird, there was less smoke, and this severely and negatively impacted the experience. The flavors, however, are pretty good and remind me of a Liga Privada T52.

Final Thoughts

The Serino Wayfarer Corona Gorda was an interesting cigar to review. The flavors were mostly good. The construction was mostly good. But, there were some major issues that I need to point out.

While the V-shaped canoe (that didn't actually amount to anything) was probably an indication, some “foreshadowing” if you will, of the construction problems that were later revealed. In the final third, there were several hollow spots that really threw a wrench into my enjoyment of the Wayfarer. Other than these hollow spots, the draw was good.

Although most of the cigar was great, the issues I did have really impacted the experience. So, the Serino Wayfarer Corona Gorda earns a CigarScore 3.

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