Meet the Glencreag 100-150 Count Cigar Humidor – There’s A Lot to Like!

I'm going to be honest with you; when Tess from Glencreag first reached out to me about reviewing their new cigar humidor, I was like “eh… I don't really need yet another humidor.” But then I looked at the pictures of the Glencreag Cigar Humidor she sent me, and I was immediately interested, impressed, and intrigued.

Following a long line of electronic humidors we've unboxed, can this back-to-basics humidor from a new brand compete?

Let's unbox the Glencreag 100-150 Count Cigar Humidor and take a closer look!

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Initial Thoughts

As I mentioned, when I was first approached about unboxing and reviewing the Glencreag humidor, I wasn't all that excited. That is until I actually looked at the design elements Glencreag put into this humidor.

Additionally, I really liked the idea of having an accessory drawer at the bottom of the humidor. I keep a lot of cutters and lighters, and being able to store them out of site is appealing.

There's a lot to like about the Glencreag humidor, so let's dive deeper.

What I Really Liked

Is the Glencreag humidor merely pretty? Or, is it built well, too? Here's what I really liked about this humidor.


It's no small thing to be able to put your humidor next to a wall and still be able to open it. Sometimes we put our humidors under counters to look like a built-in. Sometimes we need our humidors to sit next to something else.

The hinges on the Glencreag humidor are fantastic and they'll let you pull out all of your drawers to access your cigars without having to open the door past 90 degrees.

These hinges are a huge win for me and anyone who wants to put this humidor next to a wall or other object.

Shelf Slits

I've seen tons of cigar humidor shelves and most of them are boring. Not so with the Glencreag humidor‘s shelves! I know, it's a small thing, but I much prefer these bracket-style shelf slits; they just look cool (and more premium)!

Glencreag Humidor shelf slits

Accessory Drawer

The accessory drawer on the Glencreag humidor was on of the first things to catch my eye. My wife isn't a huge fan of me leaving cigar accessories scattered about, and the felt-lined drawer will help keep my cigar space tidy.

Magnetic Door Retention

On cabinet humidors with doors (as opposed to trunk humidors with lids), it's important to get a good seal. The magnets in the frame and door line up to keep the door closed so humidity won't get in and/or out.

Glencreag humidor door magnets

Boveda Holders

These vertical dividers are perfect for 8-gram Boveda packs. Since there's no room below the bottom drawer, this divider is nice to have.

What I Didn't Love

While there's a lot to like about the Glencreag humidor, there are a couple of things I didn't love, or that I could improve on. Honestly, I feel like I'm nitpicking here, but I'll point these things out anyway.

The Glencreag Humidor is NOT Temperature & Humidity Controlled

While I think the Glencreag humidor is a good value at $159.99, you can get the KingChii 26L, which heats and cools, for $199.99 on Amazon. Yes, that's a 33% higher price, but for another $40, you can get an electronic humidor.

The advantage to the Glencreag humidor is that it's Spanish cedar and there's no plastic smell that you'll need to deal with.

The Shelves Can Be Hard to Put In

Because of how the shelves are designed, they can be harder to get back in. If you miss the rail with the grove, you'll have to fidget with the shelf before it'll go back in. Like I said, nitpicking.

Useless Hygrometer and Humidification

At this point, anyone actually interested in cigars is going to either use Boveda packs or gel beads for humidification. It's almost entirely unnecessary for humidor manufacturers to include water trays or green foamed trays for their customers.

Also, while slightly more relevant, the crappy digital hygrometers need to go. You're better off getting a digital hygrometer from Govee. I mean, this Govee H5075 is literally only $12.99 and you can move it from one humidor to another and connect it via Bluetooth to your phone. It's a no-brainer.

Final Thoughts

I like this humidor. The Glencreag humidor (late 2023 edition) is impressive from the get-go. It looks good, and there is quite a bit of attention to detail.

At this point, after only having the humidor for less than 24 hours, the only thing that could make this thing suck is if it can't keep in the humidity. But, I think the magnets holding the door closed will solve that problem.

Should You Buy the Glencreag Cigar Humidor?

If you're looking for a basic, non-electronic humidor for your cigars, then the Glencreag humidor is a great option. I like it a lot.

However, more and more people are moving toward humidors that both heat and cool, like the KingChii 26L, or the Newair Smoker's Club. One advantage the Glencreag has over these other options is that the shelves are drawers that help keep your cigars from falling out.

All in all, I'd say “Yes, the Glencreag humidor is a good deal for $159.99.”


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    Looks OK I guess I’m considering buying one.

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