Cigar Review: Gurkha Heritage |

Cigar Review: Gurkha Heritage

cigar review Gurkha Heritage


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Brand: Gurkha
Line: Heritage
Size: 6 1/2 x 54
Cut: Punch
Light: Torch-lit cedar
Price: $15.10
Smoked On: February 16, 2019

Initial Thoughts:

I was excited to buy the Gurkha Heritage but went into it with low expectations. Gurkha cigars have not usually been my favorite. However, the Heritage has a great draw and a wonderful aroma. The first half of the cigar tasted really good. The flavors were complex and medium to full-bodied. However, early in the cigar, I noticed a crack in the wrapper. I thought it might not be a big deal, but I was wrong…

cigar review Gurkha Heritage busted

Final Thoughts:

The crack half-way turned into a massive deconstruction of the cigar. The flavors dropped off (since much of the flavor comes from the wrapper) and the Gurkha Heritage became difficult to both smoke and keep lit. For $15+, this cigar wasn't well made and it shouldn't have made it off the assembly line. Great flavors were totally ruined by a wrapper that fell apart. Combined with a $15.10 price tag, I'd avoid this mediocre cigar and smoke something else. CigarScore 2 for sure.

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