Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Metropolitan Maduro Toro |

Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Metropolitan Maduro Toro

cigar review Nat Sherman Metropolitan Maduro


CigarScore 2

Brand: Nat Sherman
Line: Metropolitan
Size: 6 x 52
Cut: Punch
Light: Torch
Price: $7
Smoked On: January 12, 2019

Initial Thoughts:

This cigar tasted good from the first puff. The draw got tighter as I got to the middle of the cigar, but was never too difficult to get a good smoke. However, as the smoke continued, the flavors became more subtle and the almost disappeared. This flavor drop-off is the primary reason CigarScore for the Nat Sherman Metropolitan fell from a 3 to a 2.

Final Thoughts:

This cigar started off well but didn't keep up the positive vibes. To be honest, it could be because I ate some jalapeno potato chips halfway through the cigar, but even 45-minutes after the cigar flavor hadn't returned. I wouldn't recommend this cigar, but I wouldn't avoid it either. The Nat Sherman Metropolitan is a decent budget cigar that won't overwhelm the palate.

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