4 Ways to Survive & Serve Your Customers During Quarantine

We're living in a crazy time, aren't we?!

It's like, overnight, things changed. Stores are sold out of (basically) everything, people aren't allowed to go to work, the government has forced you to close your doors, and the economy is in the shitter.

small business Survive Serve customers During corona virus Quarantine

While larger companies might have the reserves to stay afloat, to keep paying their employees, to keep their lights on, to pay their net 30 debts…

… smaller businesses, possibly like yours, are more likely to have a harder time.

But, if you're a small business owner, the good thing is, you don't have to go out of business and you don't have to close your doors permanently.

4 Ways to Survive & Serve Your Customers During Quarantine

1: Start Shipping

Email your list of customers and offer to take their order over the phone and mail them their cigar order. Or, you could load up the back of a vehicle and make local deliveries.

2: Offer Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

Email your list of customers and offer to sell them gift cards or gift certificates now (to help them you out today) that can be used it in a couple of months (when your business and life is back to normal).

3: Open Up a Drive-Thru

Email your list of customers and offer to box up an order of their favorite sticks so they can pick them up drive-through style. Heck, you might even be able to sell more boxes because of this and clear out old inventory!

4: (Finally) Leverage the Power of the Internet

Email your list of customers and offer coupons to your online store! Nothing like a sale to stimulate buying 😉

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Moving Your Business Online

Finally, if you're like, “Ellory, that's great but I don't have an email list or a website,” then we've got something for you.


The email software I use to send target emails like this one, where I can track opens, clicks, and website visits, and all sorts of other things is called ActiveCampaign. Use the link below to try the software out at no charge for 14 days.

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If you don't have a website for your business, or if you do but you're not happy with it, or if you've tried to reach out to your web guy but he never responds to your emails or calls…

>> Check out CigarShopManager.com

Cigar Shop Manager is a tool I was planning on rolling out in the next couple of months, but I'm moving it up to help out. If I can help just one more business get online and help them stay afloat… well, I'm more than okay with that.

If you've got questions or if I can help you with anything online or e-commerce related, please let me know!

Have an awesome day and happy smoking!


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