Cigars under $10! Everybody loves a great cigar at a great price! On this page you'll find all of the cigars we've reviewed that cost under $10.

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Cigar Review: Rojas Guyacan Rojas Reserve
Initial Thoughts: What makes you get excited for a cigar? Is it the recommendation of a friend? Is it hype[...]
Cigar Review: Fratello Oro Corona
Initial Thoughts: Very few cigar manufacturers fit my palate as close as Fratello Cigars. For the most part, every Fratello[...]
Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Juarez OBS
Initial Thoughts: It's not every day we get to review a cigar that's been aging in our humidor for over[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate KFC Swamp Rat
Initial Thoughts: If you're looking for a Saint Patrick's Day cigar, you might look for something green to smoke. Well,[...]
Cigar Review: Padilla Finest Hour Sungrown Toro
Initial Thoughts: Here at CigarScore HQ, we don't have just a ton of old and aged cigars lying around. However,[...]
Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Enclave Broadleaf Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Today we're smoking the AJ Fernandez Enclave Broadleaf Robusto, a cigar I suspect is fairly common in the[...]
Cigar Review: LH Cigars Nick Lonsdale
Initial Thoughts: Today's cigar for review comes from a new-to-me brand, LH Cigars, and this is the "Nick" lonsdale. The[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Undercrown ShadyXX Belicoso
Initial Thoughts: One of the first things I noticed about today's cigar for review, the Drew Estate Undercrown ShadyXX Belicoso,[...]
Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Today's cigar for review is the Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art Robusto, a cigar I got in Cigar[...]
Cigar Review: Rodriguez Cigars Reserva Privada Robusto
Initial Thoughts: The first time I heard about Rodriguez Cigars in Key West, Florida, I was skeptical. Another boutique cigar[...]
Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Magic Toast Toro
Initial Thoughts: Part of Alec Bradley's Taste the World sampler, today's cigar, the Alec Bradley Magic Toast Toro, is one[...]
Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Mil Dias Edmundo
Initial Thoughts: Cigars take time to make. Not only does a cigar need to age, but the leaves have to[...]
Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Medalist Toro
Initial Thoughts: I love getting great cigar deals. And today, I'm smoking a cigar from this sampler, the Alec Bradley[...]
Cigar Review: Black Works Studio NBK Corona Larga
Initial Thoughts: Whenever I go into a review of a cigar from Black Works Studio, I go into it expecting[...]
Cigar Review: Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo El Martillo
Initial Thoughts: In general, we're fans of Joya de Nicaragua cigars here at the CigarScore studios. Like Gran Habano, JdN[...]
Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Maduro Lancero Special Edition
Initial Thoughts: It's not every day I get to review a cigar that the community wants me to. But, after[...]
Cigar Review: Kristoff Habano Corona
Initial Thoughts: Right off the bat, I noticed an intoxicating aroma coming off the Kristoff Habano Corona. While I don't[...]
Cigar Review: Sindicato Maduro Toro
Initial Thoughts: Sindicato Cigars isn't a brand with which we're all too familiar with here at CigarScore HQ. Though we've[...]
Cigar Review: Alec Bradley 1633 Connecticut Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Other than having an incredibly long name (the full name is the Alec Bradley 1633 Connecticut First Crop[...]
Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Iron Horse Connecticut Toro
Initial Thoughts: For my birthday this year, I received this AJ Fernandez / Drew Estate Connecticut sampler. And, while I[...]
Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente 858 Flor Fina
Initial Thoughts: When I think about common, basic, average, or typical cigars, I often think about today's cigar, the Arturo[...]
Cigar Review: Jeremy Jack JJ14 Corona Gorda
Initial Thoughts: Few cigars have led to so much discussion as the Jeremy Jack JJ14 Corona Gorda I received in[...]
Cigar Review: Bounty Box Alpha Dog
Initial Thoughts: On occasion, inspiration strikes here at the CigarScore offices. And today, such a thing happened after taking a[...]
Cigar Review: Fratello Arlequin Prensado Robusto
Initial Thoughts: If you've followed CigarScore TV, and read our cigar reviews for a while, you might know that we[...]
Cigar Review: HVC San Isidro Divinos Lonsdale
Initial Thoughts: The HVC San Isidro Divinos Lonsdale is a cigar from a brand I know almost nothing about, and[...]
Cigar Review: Caldwell Malditos Bastardos Churchill
Initial Thoughts: Not all cigars are created equal. And, the last time I smoked a Caldwell cigar in their Lost[...]
Cigar Review: FQ Proper Corona Gorda
Initial Thoughts: If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times - we like cigar subscriptions boxes because[...]
Cigar Review: Serino Wayfarer Corona Gorda
Initial Thoughts: People often get into a groove. They find what they like, they stick to it, and they rarely[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Liga Undercrown Sungrown Gran Toro
Initial Thoughts: It's not often that I get to smoke every blend in a line of cigars. However, in today's[...]
Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua Medius 6
Initial Thoughts: When it comes to fighting for the rights of the cigar-smoking community in the United States, one organization[...]
Cigar Review: Sindicato Hex Churchill
Initial Thoughts: One of the joys of doing cigar reviews is smoking blends from brands I've never heard of. And[...]
Cigar Review: Warped Corto X46
Initial Thoughts: Sometimes you want a cigar that'll take you a while to enjoy. Other times, perhaps on your lunch break[...]
Cigar Review: JFR Lunatic Hysteria Toro
Initial Thoughts: Today's cigar review comes from a brand I've historically really enjoyed. When I first found the JFR Lunatic Maduro,[...]
Cigar Review: Warped Futuro Toro
Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Warped Futuro Toro is its narrow but flat head. Instead of a[...]
Cigar Review: Crowned Heads La Imperiosa Double Robusto (2015)
Initial Thoughts: I received the Crowned Heads La Imperiosa Double Robusto as a gift from a friend who's had this cigar[...]
Cigar Review: Cavalier Geneve White Series Diplomate Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Sometimes you want a great cigar to pair with coffee. And that's just what happened when this Cavalier Geneve White[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Isla del Sol Sun Blessed Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Have you ever walked into a humidor and just grabbed the first stick you saw? Well, in case you[...]
Cigar Review: Camacho Corojo Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Every once in awhile, I see a cigar bundle I just have to have. I love cigar 5-packs because[...]
Cigar Review: Villiger La Vencedora Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Villiger is a cigar brand that's been around a while. Villiger was started in 1888 by Jean Villiger in[...]
Cigar Review: Rodriguez Series 84 Maduro Torpedo
Initial Thoughts: Rodriguez Cigars isn't a brand I'm all too familiar with, but when I saw the Series 84 Maduro Torpedo[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Liga Undercrown Shade Gran Toro
Initial Thoughts: In our search for the best cigars to pair with coffee, I stumbled upon the Drew Estate Liga Undercrown[...]
Cigar Review: Punch Chop Suey
Initial Thoughts: The Punch Chop Suey is kind of an ugly cigar. Not much attention was paid to making this lancero[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto
Initial Thoughts: The Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro is a cigar that made it onto the CigarScore Top 10 Cigars Under $10[...]
Cigar Review: Diesel Grind Toro
Initial Thoughts: As soon as I took the Diesel Grind Toro out of the cellophane I'd been keeping it in for[...]
Cigar Review: RoMa Craft Wunderlust Robusto
Initial Thoughts: I love it when people ask me to review a cigar. I love it, even more, when someone gives[...]
Cigar Review: Caldwell Holy Braille by Chico Rivas
Initial Thoughts: Probably the first thing I noticed about the Holy Braille by Chico Rivas after taking it out of the[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo Champagne Noir Epicure Toro
Initial Thoughts: Perdomo is one of my favorite cigar brands. (Click here for all Perdomo cigar reviews). When I discovered the[...]
Cigar Battle: Stogies H-Town Lancero – Tatuaje vs RoMa Craft
Initial Thoughts: Today we're doing something a little different and a whole lot crazy. Today we're doing the first-ever Cigar Battle[...]
Cigar Review: Nomad Toro by Ezra Zion
Initial Thoughts: One interesting and cool thing about going to cigar events is that you sometimes get cigars you couldn't get[...]
Cigar Review: Esteban Carreras Unforgiven Toro Grande
Initial Thoughts: Some cigars you choose; others, you don't. Today I'm smoking the Esteban Carreras Unforgiven Toro Grande, a cigar given[...]
Cigar Review: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog Toro
Initial Thoughts: Another cigar I've been seeing a lot about, the Umbagog comes from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, a company started[...]
Cigar Review: Oscar Valladares Super Fly Super Corona
Initial Thoughts: The Oscar Valladares Super Fly is a cigar I've been seeing a lot about recently. People have been sharing[...]
Cigar Review: RoMa Craft Aquitaine EMH Saber Tooth
Initial Thoughts: Cigar friends are the best friends, and today I'm smoking a cigar gifted to me by my friend Paul.[...]
Cigar Review: JC Newman Brick House Natural Robusto
Initial Thoughts: The JC Newman Brick House Robusto is a tribute to the founder of JC Newman Cigars, Julius Caesar Newman.[...]
Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Last Call Habano Geniales
Initial Thoughts: After trying the Last Call Maduro, I knew I also wanted to try the AJ Fernandez Last Call Habano.[...]
Cigar Review: Espinosa Red River Valley Toro
Initial Thoughts: Another gift from a fellow cigar smoker, the Espinosa Red River Valley Toro is a cigar made exclusively for[...]
Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Last Call Maduro Geniales
Initial Thoughts: Sometimes a cigar sounds great, but you don't have a lot of time. That's the situation I found myself[...]
Cigar Review: Kafie 1901 San Andres Five Forty Six
Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Kafie 1901 San Andres Five Forty-Six was the super-sweet, super-creamy flavors I[...]
Cigar Review: Alec & Bradley Blind Faith Robusto
Initial Thoughts: When I first heard of the Alec & Bradley Blind Faith, I was led to believe this was an[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Nica Rustica El Brujito
Initial Thoughts: I love getting cigar recommendations from viewers and CigarScore users (so make sure you tell me what you'd like[...]
Cigar Review: Plasencia Reserva Original Cortez Toro
Initial Thoughts: Have you ever smoked an organic cigar? Neither had I. So when I got the Plasencia Reserva Original Cortez[...]
Cigar Review: The K by Karen Berger Habano Box Pressed Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Today's cigar is the K by Karen Berger Habano Box Pressed Robusto. This cigar is short, stocky, and beautifully[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo Factory Tour Blend Maduro Churchill
Initial Thoughts: Before releasing in the United States, the Perdomo Factory Tour Blend was previously only available at the Perdomo factory[...]
Cigar Review: Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Maduro
Initial Thoughts: I love discovering new, boutique cigar brands, and Jas Sum Kral (JSK) is just one of those brands. So,[...]
Cigar Review: Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Rothchilde Maduro
Initial Thoughts: I'm always up for a little friendly competition, so when a friend challenged me to find good cigars under[...]
Cigar Review: AVO Unexpected Tradition
Initial Thoughts: The fourth and final cigar in AVO's "Unexpected" series is the AVO Unexpected Tradition. While this line from AVO[...]
Cigar Review: Cornelius & Anthony The Gent Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Cornelius & Anthony cigars are not any with which I'm too familiar. But, they've been around since 1866 (it[...]
Cigar Review: Camacho Connecticut Toro
Initial Thoughts: Continuing my search for the perfect breakfast cigar, I found myself grabbing the Camacho Connecticut Toro. Camacho is a[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut Epicure
Initial Thoughts: Prior to 2019, I didn't smoke a lot of Perdomo cigars. Since 2019, I've smoked a lot of them.[...]
Cigar Review: Fratello Bianco III Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Finally, after months of searching my local lounges, CIGRco sent me a Fratello Bianco! I've been looking for this[...]
Cigar Review: Charter Oak Connecticut Natural Toro by Foundation Cigar Co.
Initial Thoughts: The Charter Oak Connecticut marks the beginning of my search for the perfect breakfast cigar. While I used to[...]
Cigar Review: MBombay Classic Belicoso
Initial Thoughts: MBombay Cigars is a brand with which I'm not too familiar. But, they're somewhat active on social media, so[...]
Cigar Review: 300 Hands Connecticut Petit Edmundo by Southern Draw
Initial Thoughts: When I saw the 300 Hands Connecticut Petit Edmundo in the December 2019 box from Luxury Cigar Club, I[...]
Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Jericho Hill LBV
Initial Thoughts: Crowned Heads is a cigar brand with which I'm not terribly familiar. I've come across them in the past,[...]
Cigar Review: My Father #1 Robusto
Initial Thoughts: My Father has made some of my favorite cigars over the past several months. Since I discovered them in[...]
Cigar Review: Varina Farms Breakfast Blend Toro
Initial Thoughts: Varina Farms is a relatively new name in the cigar world. I don't know exactly when they got started,[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo Small Batch Maduro Toro Especial 2005
Initial Thoughts: In general, I like Perdomo Cigars. For the most part, Nick Perdomo has done a great job blending high-quality,[...]
Cigar Review: Man ‘O War Ruination “Robusto” No. 1
Initial Thoughts: The first thought I had about the Man 'O War Ruination was, "Wow, this cigar smells amazing!" This cigar[...]
Cigar Review: My Father Connecticut Edition Toro
Initial Thoughts: If you've been following my reviews for even a short amount of time, you know I'm a huge fan[...]
Cigar Review: Casa Cuevas Limited Edition Maduro Flaco
Initial Thoughts: I was first introduced to the Casa Cuevas brand by Luxury Cigar Club in the middle of 2019. The[...]
Cigar Review: Pura Soul Honduras
Initial Thoughts: Cigars are a lot like coffee and wine and beer - almost anyone can make them. Today, I'm smoking[...]
Cigar Review: H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Toro
Initial Thoughts: H. Upmann has been making cigars for over 165 years. To say they're a "classic" cigar brand would be[...]
Cigar Review: Southern Draw Firethorn
Initial Thoughts: Before starting, I wasn't terribly familiar with cigar brands that were more "boutique" or that weren't older and[...]
Cigar Review: Casa Cuevas Connecticut Robusto
Initial Thoughts: I don't always smoke light, Connecticut cigars, but when I do, I always hope they're delicious. And today, the[...]
Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli Toro
Initial Thoughts: I don't put a lot of stock in the cigar reviews of companies that get too much of their[...]
Cigar Review: RoMa Craft Intemperance BA Breach of the Peace
Initial Thoughts: Intemperance, the lack of moderation or restraint. Overindulgence. Overconsumption. Excessive. To name a cigar the RoMa Craft Intemperance BA[...]
Cigar Review: Padilla Finest Hour Oscuro Robusto
Initial Thoughts: When I went to my humidor to see what I wanted to smoke today (and to consult the cigar-oracle),[...]
Cigar Review: Guardian of the Farm by Aganorsa Leaf
Initial Thoughts: I love stories, and I really love when there's a story behind a cigar. Albeit a short one, the[...]
Cigar Review: Diesel Hair of the Dog Toro
Initial Thoughts: I love watching the cigar community share their photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook. I enjoy seeing what[...]
Cigar Review: JFR Lunatic Maduro Short Robusto – May 2019
Initial Thoughts: I first discovered the JFR Lunatic brand from my friends at the Luxury Cigar Club. They sent me the[...]
Cigar Review: Liga Privada Nasty Fritas by Drew Estate
Initial Thoughts: Just like not all cigars are created equal, not all cigars are shaped like a tube. And that is[...]
Cigar Review: CAO Flathead V660 Carb
Initial Thoughts: The CAO Flathead V660 is one of the highest-rated, larger ring gauge cigars in the world. In fact, it[...]
Cigar Review: Patina Habano Robusto
Initial Thoughts: As soon as I took the Patina cigar out of the cellophane, I noticed a wonderfully dark and oily[...]
Cigar Review: The Edge A-10 Toro by Rocky Patel
Initial Thoughts: Made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Edge line of cigars by Rocky Patel, The Edge A-10 is[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro Gran Toro
Initial Thoughts: Drew Estate is a cigar brand I don't know a lot about. However, learning about new cigars and brands[...]
Cigar Review: Sinistro Mr. White Belicoso
Initial Thoughts: I went into the Sinistro Mr. White completely blind. I knew nothing about this cigar or the Sinistro brand,[...]
Cigar Review: Charter Oak Maduro Toro by Foundation Cigar Co.
Initial Thoughts: When I first picked up the Charter Oak Maduro by Foundation Cigar Co., I noticed two things. First, I[...]
Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Ligero L500
Initial Thoughts: As soon as you pick up the La Flor Dominicana Ligero L500, or almost any LFD for that matter,[...]
Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Firecracker
Initial Thoughts: I'm not gonna lie, when I had the chance to smoke a three-inch, double ligero, limited edition cigar, I[...]
Cigar Review: La Galera 1936 Box Pressed
Initial Thoughts: This is only my 2nd La Galera cigar ever. I think my first was last year in Cincinnati, and[...]
Cigar Review: RoMa Craft Neanderthal SGP
Initial Thoughts: This odd little cigar was recommended by one of the sales reps at 2 Guys Smoke Shop in Salem,[...]
Cigar Review: JFR Lunatic Maduro Short Robusto
Initial Thoughts: The first puffs on the JFR Lunatic Maduro Short Robusto tasted like biting into a chocolate bar. The flavors[...]
Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andreas Robusto
Initial Thoughts: I'm always excited to smoke a new Rocky Patel, and this Vintage 2006 San Andreas was no different. The[...]
Cigar Review: JFR Lunatic Habano Short Titan
Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed was how well the short, fat JFR Lunatic Habano Short Titan felt in my[...]
Cigar Review: Bugatti Scuro Robusto
Initial Thoughts: I'm familiar with Bugatti supercars, but I'm unfamiliar with Bugatti's line of cigars. So, I went into this smoke[...]
Cigar Review: CAO Nicaragua Granada Toro
Initial Thoughts: The CAO Nicaragua is an incredibly well-made cigar. It might be weird to talk about the construction of a[...]
Cigar Review: Camacho Coyolar Super Toro
Initial Thoughts: When I first pulled the Camacho Coyolar Super Toro out of the plastic, the cigar smelled young (like when[...]
Cigar Review: Punch Deluxe Chateau L
Initial Thoughts: The Punch Deluxe Chateau L came highly recommended, so I started it with high expectations tempered by a lack[...]
Cigar Review: Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur No. 1 Maduro
Initial Thoughts: What you'll notice first about the Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur is the beautiful, shiny wrapper. When you pick this[...]
Cigar Review: Punch Signature Gigante
Initial Thoughts: Punch is one of the oldest cigar brands around, so I was excited to grab the Signature Gigante. Though this[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown Epicure
Initial Thoughts: Perdomo is becoming one of my favorite cigar brands, and this Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown is on par.[...]
Cigar Review: My Father La Gran Oferta
Initial Thoughts: After I punched the end of the My Father La Gran Oferta, I noticed the draw was tight. I[...]
Cigar Review: Don Pepin Garcia Original Invictos
Initial Thoughts: I knew Don Pepin was behind My Father cigars, so I grabbed the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Original with[...]
Cigar Review: Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Toro by My Father
Initial Thoughts: Before lighting the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial, I noticed two things. First, I noticed the My Father branding on[...]
Cigar Review: My Father Flor de Las Antillas Toro
Initial Thoughts: My Father is quickly becoming one of my favorite cigar brands. Their cigars have a similar taste profile that[...]
Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story
Initial Thoughts: I've heard great things about the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story, so I thought I'd smoke one real quick before[...]
Cigar Review: PDR 1878 Capa Oscura Robusto
Initial Thoughts: To be honest, I went into the PDR 1878 Capa Oscura Robusto with pretty low expectations. I've never heard[...]
Cigar Review: CAO Pilon Toro
Initial Thoughts: The CAO Pilon lit with a great taste. The flavor was smooth yet complex. I know it's a small[...]
Cigar Review: Camacho LegendArio Bertha
Initial Thoughts: The Camacho LegendArio Bertha was recommended to me by Mike, the owner of Rudy's Cigars in Rockford, Illinois, so[...]
Cigar Review: Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro Robusto
Initial Thoughts: I don't normally smoke robustos, but this Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro started off very strong and very delicious. As[...]
Cigar Review: Hoyo La Amistad Black Toro by AJ Fernandez
Initial Thoughts: The first few puffs were full of mild flavor. After letting the cigar rest for a few minutes after[...]
Cigar Review: My Father El Centurion Toro Grande
Initial Thoughts: From the first puff, the My Father El Centurion Toro Grande is impressive. The flavors are mild but rich,[...]
Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Metropolitan Maduro Toro
Initial Thoughts: This cigar tasted good from the first puff. The draw got tighter as I got to the middle of[...]
Cigar Review: Gurkha Royal Challenge Maduro Toro
Initial Thoughts: The first few puffs were a little ashy-tasting. The middle smoked smooth and the flavor was somewhat mild. The[...]