Cigar Review: Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto

Initial Thoughts:

The Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro is a cigar that made it onto the CigarScore Top 10 Cigars Under $10 list, so when I had a chance to review the Connecticut of the same line, I took it.

Perdomo cigars, a.k.a. Tabacalera Perdomo is known for two things, making great cigars and being budget-friendly. Also, if you're looking for cigars aged in bourbon barrels, Perdomo has been doing that for years. It's the #PerdomoWay.

NOTE: According to the Perdomo website, “Perdomo Cigars is the only cigar manufacturer to completely absorb the punitive SCHIP federal excise tax on all of its brands, and we will continue to do so. As a family business, we have held our prices and in many cases reduced them in order to be extremely competitive.”

The Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto is a budget-friendly cigar that I plan on comparing to the Perdomo Champagne, after all, they've got similar tobaccos inside. After punching the end, the draw of the Lot 23 was loose, and the flavors I could taste before lighting the cigar were of dried grass.


CigarScore ratingCigarScore ratingCigarScore rating

Brand: Perdomo
Line: Lot 23, Connecticut
Size: 5 x 50
Cut: Punch
Light: Torch
Price: $6.50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Connecticut Shade
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 62 minutes

Through the middle third of the cigar, the draw of the Lot 23 was perfect. The flavors, however, were fairly basic, reminiscent of licking construction paper, but there is some spice on the retrohale. While Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto is a decent cigar in its own right, a budget Champagne it is not.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the construction and build quality of the Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto was fantastic. While the flavors were fairly mild and mellow, they were pretty good also, and there was no harshness until the final third. No bitter flavors presented themselves.

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The Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto is a budget-friendly cigar that delivers a solid performance. Although it might not have the richness and complexity a seasoned smoker might look for, it's still a cigar anyone would be happy to have in their humidor. For these reasons, the Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto earns a CigarScore 3.

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