Is Good Cigar Co Really a Better Way to Buy Cigars?

One of the best reasons to join a cigar subscription club is to have the opportunity to try new things. Cigar clubs, subscription boxes, cigar of the month clubs, whatever you want to call them, are great ways to get new cigars you might not try otherwise.

And today, I'm testing out a relatively new company to the cigar subscription scene (say that three times). However, Good Cigar Co is no stranger to the world of cigars.

Check Out Good Cigar Co Here

Cigar Values in My Variety Box:

Espinosa Comfortably Numb, Vol. 1 – $8
Plasencia Reserva Original – $9
B.G. Meyer Gigantes – $11
MBombay Classic – $9
Varina Farms Breakfast Blend – $7

Amount Paid: $45 + shipping.

Approx. Cigar Value for October 2019: $43 USD

Even though the value of the cigars from Good Cigar Co isn't as high as some of the others, I'm strangely ok with it.

They're not going after the people who want exotic, rare, or hard to find cigars. They're also not trying to fill up anyone's humidor with tons of sticks.

What Good Cigar Co is doing is serving the casual smokers who aren't quite sure what to do, what to smoke, or where to start. If you wanted to dabble with cigars or just get your feet wet, for the $45 option of 5 cigars, you'd get all you need – cutter, lighter, etc.

Don't want 5 cigars?

You could just get 3.

Or 4.

Good Cigar Co's roots are providing cigars for events; a “one for me, one for you” cigar pair to share. Growing beyond their foundation of event cigar packages I think GCC is off to a great start with providing tailored experiences to casual dabblers in the world of cigars.

So, what do you think? Do you think the value of this cigar subscription box is more than $48?


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