Cigar Review: All Saints St. Francis Habano Oscuro Robusto

Initial Thoughts:

Today we continue our series of blind cigar reviews, where our goal is to provide you with a totally objective, completely neutral review of a cigar. Ellory went into this review completely blind; that means without knowing what it is, who made it, how much it costs, or what's in it. To see the entire series of blind cigar reviews, click here.

Since I went into the review of the St. Francis Habano Oscuro Robusto by All Saints Cigars “blind,” were mostly visual. My first judgment was that this cigar looked pretty good, but there were a couple of odd spots on the wrapper leaf. The slight box press gave this cigar a nice look; I was excited.

Though, after cutting, the draw was a little tight, there were a lot of flavors of wood and cedar on the cold draw.

While toasting the foot, the aroma of the smoke was dark and rich. The All Saints St. Francis Habano Oscuro Robusto had a really pleasant smell to it. Through the first few minutes, the draw could have been better and I'd have liked to have gotten more smoke.


cigarscore 5 cigar rating

Brand: All Saints
Line: St. Francis
Size: 5 x 50 BP
Cut: V-Cut
Light: Torch
Price: $9.70 – CigarClub

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 67 minutes

Through the middle of the All Saints St. Francis Habano Oscuro Robusto, the burn evened out a bit and the draw opened up. Also, the flavors were very roasted, almost burned. However, those charred flavors weren't bad at all. On my palate, the smoke was almost buttery smooth.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, I really enjoyed the All Saints St. Francis Habano Oscuro Robusto.

However, in the middle of the cigar, there were some burn issues and I had to re-light the cigar at one point to keep it going. But, that issue could've been caused by me being distracted and not puffing consistently.

In the end, this cigar had good flavors and (mostly) good construction. It smoked long enough for me to feel like I was getting a good robusto. I enjoyed it, so the All Saints St. Francis Habano Oscuro Robusto earns a CigarScore 5.

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