Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T Mi Querida Black Sakakhan LE

Initial Thoughts

Right off the bat, I must tell you that the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Black Sakakhan LE is a big cigar. Before going into this review, I told my wife I was about to light up a “baby arm,” and that she wouldn’t see me for a while. Let’s dive in.

The Mi Querida Black SakaKhan was not only a large cigar but an attractive one as well. The wrapper leaf was medium dark brown in color, there was a pigtail tip on the end, and the leaf had a nice, oily texture to it.

After a quick snip with my fancy guillotine, the draw resistance was good, and the cold draw offered up quite a bit of spice. However, despite the intimidating look and name of this cigar, the first puff on the Mi Querida Black SakaKhan delivered flavors that were mild and smooth.

Is the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Black Sakakhan LE worth $16? And, is it worth the time it’s going to take to smoke it? Let’s find out.


cigarscore 4 cigar rating

Brand: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Line: Mi Querida Black / Sakakhan
Size: 7 1/4 x 54
Cut: Guillotine
Light: Torch
Price: $15.95 – Luxury Cigar Club

Wrapper: United States Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Mexican San Andres Negro
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras & Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 110 minutes

In the first third, the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Black Sakakhan LE I smoked had a hollow spot. There was a period where I didn’t get much smoke per puff, but I was able to burn through it. By the time I was about halfway through, the cigar was performing well.

Final Thoughts

Going into the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Black Sakakhan LE, I knew it was going to take up quite a bit of my day. After smoking this thing for almost 2 hours, it was time to call it quits.

The biggest problem I had with this cigar was its construction. I mentioned the hollow spot in the first third, and there was a point in the middle where the cigar almost went out and then developed an uneven burn.

Flavorwise, they were good up until the final third when they became a little bitter and slightly harsh.

All issues aside, overall the flavors were good. Overall, the construction was pretty good. But, by the end, I was ready for the Mi Querida Black Sakakhan to be done so I could move on. The giant Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Black Sakakhan LE earns a CigarScore 4.

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