Cigar Review: Illusione OneOff Pyramides

Initial Thoughts:

A few years ago, while traveling, I visited a bar up in the North East. Sitting at a table nearby, I heard a guy talking about cigars. Come to find out, he was, apparently, the founder of today's cigar, the OneOff Pyramides (OneOff is now owned by Illusione Cigars).

Once removed from the slightly yellowed and cloudy cellophane, the Illusione OneOff Pyramides put its wonderful aroma on display. It really did smell quite fantastic.

Upon closer examination and after giving the cigar a squeeze, I felt some firm spots in the cigar that could lead to a tight draw if the filler is packed too tight.

As if to confirm my suspicions, after cutting the cigar with my Xikar foldable scissors, the draw was fairly tight. Even after cutting down almost through the cigar's shoulder, the draw was still tight, so I started the day skeptical.

Once the Illusione OneOff Pyramides was lit, it held flavors that were a little sour, a little funky, and quite reminiscent of a hoppy IPA. Additionally, there were flavors that were bold as well as some that were a little sweet.


cigarscore 4 cigar rating

Brand: Illusione
Line: OneOff
Size: 6 1/4 x 52
Cut: Xikar Scissors
Light: Torch
Price: $$15.67 – Luxury Cigar Club

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 79 minutes

Final Thoughts

I was able to smoke the Illusione OneOff Pyramides for about 80 minutes. And in that time, the burn was never razor-sharp, and the draw was mostly tight for most of the cigar. I don't feel like this cigar is worth $17.

Regarding the flavors, they were leathery with hints of cedar. Every once in a while, the aroma of the smoke gave off whiffs of vanilla, almost as if this were a fragrant candle.

However, after taking in every aspect of this cigar, I ended up enjoying my time with it. Mostly. The flavors are pretty good, I do wish the draw had been better, and the burn had been more even. Overall, the experience was pretty good (and that's what counts, right?) so the Illusione OneOff Pyramides earns a CigarScore 4.

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