Cigar Review: Jeremy Jack JJ14 Corona Gorda

Initial Thoughts:

Few cigars have led to so much discussion as the Jeremy Jack JJ14 Corona Gorda I received in the September box from What stuck out about this cigar was its muddy and yellowed cellophane. So, when I pointed out that this cigar didn't look like other aged cigars with “yellow cello,” the YouTube comments were set ablaze.

However, once I pulled the Jeremy Jack JJ14 Corona Gorda out of the cellophane, the cigar looked beautiful. After a careful punch the end, I noticed a slight crack in the aged wrapper near the smoking end, but the draw was wonderful and offered up hints of lemon.

After a few puffs, I realized this cigar hasn't mellowed out with age, and that it's quite full of flavor.

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Brand: Jeremy Jack
Line: JJ14
Size: 5 5/8 x 46
Cut: Punch
Light: Torch
Price: $8.94 –

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 80 minutes

Through the middle of the cigar, I realized that this Jeremy Jack JJ14 wasn't at all what I expected. The flavors were really good, with notes of leather, wood, and hints of lemon. Unfortunately, when it came time to remove the label, there was some extra glue that stuck to the wrapper leaf.

Final Thoughts

In the final third of the Jeremy Jack JJ14 Corona Gorda, the flavors become more earthy and mellow, and they weren't quite as delicious as they were when we started. Also, the oily residue on both the yellowed cellophane and the cigar itself was a little weird.

Overall, the smoking experience was pretty good. I enjoyed the flavors but might recommend smoking this cigar after three or four years instead of waiting for seven or eight like this one. Because I'd smoke this one again and would recommend it to you, despite its minor flaws, the Jeremy Jack JJ14 Corona Gorda earns a CigarScore 4.

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