Cigar Review: Padron 4000 Natural

Initial Thoughts:

Today we continue our series of blind cigar reviews, where our goal is to provide you with a totally objective, completely neutral review of a cigar. Ellory went into this review completely blind; that means without knowing what it is, who made it, how much it costs, or what's in it. To see the entire series of blind cigar reviews, click here.

We've talked about cigar staples, those sticks you're almost guaranteed to see in any cigar shop anywhere in the world. And today's cigar, the Padron 4000 Natural, is just such a cigar, and it would feel right at home in any humidor.

While the beginning of the video had some technical issues, the cigar started to deliver right from the beginning. The Padron 4000 Natural is a medium-bodied cigar that's very earthy and leathery with notes of sweetness.

Visually, the Padron 4000 Natural is somewhat rustic. I referred to the smoking end as an elbow because of how the tobacco is bunched and capped.

Regarding the construction, the draw was decent, but I wished I was able to get more smoke from this particular stick.


cigarscore 5 cigar rating

Brand: Padron
Line: 4000 Natural
Size: 6 1/2 x 54
Cut: V-Cut
Light: Torch
Price: $8.80

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoke Time: 77 minutes

Final Thoughts

In the final third of the Padron 4000 Natural, the flavors that had been fairly mild began to ramp up. While there is no Nicaraguan creaminess to the cigar, there were hints of something sweet between the flavors of leather and wood.

The burn was mostly even for most of the cigar. While the burn wasn't razor-sharp, I experienced no canoeing or unevenness.

In the end, this cigar had no issues whatsoever. The flavors were rich and developed some complexity in the end. And it smoked for a reasonable amount of time. So, the Padron 4000 Natural earns a CigarScore 5.

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