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Cigars that cost about $10

Cigar Review: Warped Futuro Toro

Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Warped Futuro Toro is its narrow but flat head. Instead of a normal torpedo or belicoso, the Toro vitola of the Futuro comes to a point that’s been cut off. It kind of resembles a bullet. Interesting. Removing the cigar from the cellophane, I was greeted with […]

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Cigar Review: Crowned Heads La Imperiosa Double Robusto (2015)

Initial Thoughts: I received the Crowned Heads La Imperiosa Double Robusto as a gift from a friend who’s had this cigar in his humidor since 2015. After removing the cigar from the aged and yellowed cellophane, one of the first things I noticed about the La Imperiosa was how shiny and oily the wrapper was.  However, […]

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Cigar Review: Cavalier Geneve White Series Diplomate Robusto

Initial Thoughts: Sometimes you want a great cigar to pair with coffee. And that’s just what happened when this Cavalier Geneve White Series Diplomate Robusto showed up from CigarClub.com. Today’s cigar comes from Cavalier Geneve, a cigar brand you’ll recognize by the thin, diamond-shaped strip of gold they stick near the label on each of their cigars. […]

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Cigar Review: Rodriguez Series 84 Maduro Torpedo

Initial Thoughts: Rodriguez Cigars isn’t a brand I’m all too familiar with, but when I saw the Series 84 Maduro Torpedo in my subscription box from CigarClub.com, I was pretty excited to smoke it. As soon as I freed the cigar from the cellophane, I could immediately smell something amazing. The aroma of the Rodriguez Series […]

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Cigar Battle: Stogies H-Town Lancero – Tatuaje vs RoMa Craft

Initial Thoughts: Today we’re doing something a little different and a whole lot crazy. Today we’re doing the first-ever Cigar Battle here on CigarScore, and we’re pairing two great cigars together to see which one wins. The contenders are two cigars made exclusively for Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. See, the team at Stogies […]

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Cigar Review: Esteban Carreras Unforgiven Toro Grande

Initial Thoughts: Some cigars you choose; others, you don’t. Today I’m smoking the Esteban Carreras Unforgiven Toro Grande, a cigar given to me by a friend. However, unlike some cigars I’ve been given, this Unforgiven was, well, given, by a friend who doesn’t know a lot about cigars. Oh well, time for an adventure. The Esteban […]

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Cigar Review: Espinosa Red River Valley Toro

Initial Thoughts: Another gift from a fellow cigar smoker, the Espinosa Red River Valley Toro is a cigar made exclusively for the Texas and Oklahoma cigar markets. The 6 x 50 toro has a dark Mexican San Andres wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco. After cutting the end, the draw is perfectly loose. The initial […]

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Cigar Review: Kafie 1901 San Andres Five Forty Six

Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Kafie 1901 San Andres Five Forty-Six was the super-sweet, super-creamy flavors I tasted just after lighting the cigar. Talk about a great first impression! This cigar is my first ever Kafie cigar. It’s a small, narrow robusto that’s been box-pressed. The Mexican San Andres wrapper is shiny, […]

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Cigar Review: The K by Karen Berger Habano Box Pressed Robusto

Initial Thoughts: Today’s cigar is the K by Karen Berger Habano Box Pressed Robusto. This cigar is short, stocky, and beautifully box-pressed. The wrapper on the cigar is light and a little dry (though not under-humidified). After lighting the cigar, there were light notes of cinnamon and leather. And, even with only a few small holes […]

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Cigar Review: Perdomo Factory Tour Blend Maduro Churchill

Initial Thoughts: Before releasing in the United States, the Perdomo Factory Tour Blend was previously only available at the Perdomo factory in Nicaragua after you finished, you guessed it, the factory tour. However, the cigar was so successful for the brand that Nick Perdomo and his team decided to bring the cigar to market. So, after […]

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Cigar Review: Cornelius & Anthony The Gent Robusto

Initial Thoughts: Cornelius & Anthony cigars are not any with which I’m too familiar. But, they’ve been around since 1866 (it says so right on the label), so I’m expecting a good smoke today! The Cornelius & Anthony The Gent Robusto is a great looking cigar, but there’s a vein running down the wrapper that’s cause […]

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Cigar Review: Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut Epicure

Initial Thoughts: Prior to 2019, I didn’t smoke a lot of Perdomo cigars. Since 2019, I’ve smoked a lot of them. Today we’re enjoying the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut Epicure, the lighter, more natural brother of the maduro version I reviewed earlier this year. This cigar has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that is very light and […]

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