Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario 2015

Initial Thoughts:

I don't always smoke an Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario cigar, but when I do, it likely came from Luxury Cigar Club. This is the second Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario they've sent me, and, at the request of our viewers on YouTube, I thought I'd review this one as well. (See the other review here)

The first thing I notice about this Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario 2015 is just how beautifully intricate the label is. To fully appreciate the attention to detail on this cigar, you'd almost have to have a magnifying glass. Additionally, the wrapper leaf has very few veins, making this cigar visually very impressive.

After punching the end, I thought the draw could be a little better, but not by much. The cold draw flavors were very leafy, like a pile of leaves in your yard in the fall. Pre-light, I could also taste dry wheat, and maybe hints of sourness. Once the cigar was lit, I was greeted with lots of cedar flavors and spiciness that reminded me of wasabi in soy sauce.


CigarScore ratingCigarScore ratingCigarScore ratingCigarScore rating

Brand: Arturo Fuente
Line: Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario 2015
Size: 5 3/4 x 52
Cut: Punch
Light: Torch
Price: $29.90Luxury Cigar Club
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Smoke Time: 95 minutes

Through the middle of the cigar, the draw remained tight and I often struggled to fully taste what the Don Carlos Edicion from Arturo Fuente had to offer. However, there were strong, almost overwhelming, flavors of cedar. The flavors of mild wasabi continued.

Final Thoughts:

My Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario 2015 struggled with a tight draw for almost the entire smoke. For a cigar that costs nearly $30, that's unacceptable. And, for about half the price of this Edicion de Aniversario, you could get the Arturo Fuente Reserva Don Carlos, which is a better value for your money.

While I wouldn't mind smoking another of these cigars, I'd probably suggest we look at a more “middle of the road” cigar from Arturo Fuente and get a comparable experience for less money. But, price aside, the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario 2015 delivers on almost every front and earns a CigarScore 4.

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