Cigars between $15-$20! Cigars in this price point demand a higher than average price point and better be good! On this page you'll find all of the cigars we've reviewed that cost between $15 and $20.

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Cigar Review: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa Brulee Blue
Initial Thoughts: When it comes to cigars to pair with coffee, the Sobremesa Brulee is one of my absolute favorites.[...]
Cigar Review: Martinez Patrimonio San Andres Torpedo
Initial Thoughts: Over the past year or so, we've had the chance to smoke and review a couple of Martinez[...]
Cigar Review: Diamond Crown Maximus Toro No. 4
Initial Thoughts: Before there were outrageously priced "premium" or "boutique" cigars, there was the classic, solid performing Diamond Crown Maximus[...]
Cigar Review: Casdagli Villa Casdagli Pigasus
Initial Thoughts: You know, some cigar names are easy to say, like Padron or RoMaCraft. Others, like today's cigar from[...]
Cigar Review: Patoro Gran Anejo Reserva Churchill
Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Patoro Gran Anejo Reserva Churchill was that it reminded me of[...]
Cigar Review: Illusione OneOff Pyramides
Initial Thoughts: A few years ago, while traveling, I visited a bar up in the North East. Sitting at a[...]
Cigar Review: Kauai Cigar Co Hawaiian Vintage Series Perfecto
Initial Thoughts: As I mentioned in our review of the Kauai Cigars Island Prince, experiencing a culture through what they[...]
Cigar Review: Martinez 45 Series Maduro Torpedo
Initial Thoughts: Here at CigarScore HQ, we love trying new cigars. And, today's cigar comes from Martinez Cigars, a boutique[...]
Cigar Review: Hooten Young Overlord Churchill
Initial Thoughts: Today's cigar took quite the journey to get to me. From Miami to Albuquerque and back again, the[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie Ratzilla
Initial Thoughts: Few cigars get hyped as much as the Unico Series from Drew Estate. And today, we're smoking one[...]
Cigar Review: Bounty Box Pura Vitamina
Initial Thoughts: Every once in a while, a new cigar brand comes along and they want people to taste test[...]
Cigar Review: La Aurora Preferido Ecuador #1 Perfecto
Initial Thoughts: Bought cigars are great. Gift cigars are even better. And today's cigar, the La Aurora Preferido Ecuador #1[...]
Cigar Review: San Cristobal Ovation Decadence Toro
Initial Thoughts: San Cristobal cigars, which are made by Ashton, have been some of my favorites throughout the years. In fact,[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Liga Privada L40
Initial Thoughts: I don't always smoke Liga Privada, but when I do, I expect to enjoy it! Heck, after all,[...]
Cigar Review: Oliva Master Blend 3 Torpedo
Initial Thoughts: According to legend, ie the Oliva Cigars website, the Oliva Master Blend 3 is the third iteration of a blend[...]
Cigar Review: Hooten Young Gothic Serpent Toro SECOND CHANCE
Initial Thoughts: Today's cigar is one I've smoked before. But this time, I've let the cigar age, marinate, rest - whatever[...]
Cigar Review: Mombacho Liga Maestro Gordo
Initial Thoughts: Today's cigar comes from and is from a brand I know nothing about, Mombacho Cigars. Today I'm reviewing[...]
Cigar Review: Davidoff Yamasa Robusto
Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Davidoff Yamasa Robusto was its near-perfect construction. As you'd expect from a[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Liga Privada H99 (2018)
Initial Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about the Drew Estate Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo, after taking it out of[...]
Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull
Initial Thoughts: We might as well call this the "Illusive Bull" because I've been trying to get my hands on one[...]
Cigar Review: Davidoff Nicaragua Toro
Initial Thoughts: The Davidoff Nicaragua Toro should be an excellent cigar. After all, Davidoff is one of the premier brands in[...]
Cigar Review: Zino Platinum Scepter Grand Master Robusto
Initial Thoughts: At the time I smoked and reviewed my first Zino Platinum, the Crown Series Barrel, I'd never smoked a[...]
Cigar Review: Byron Petit Poemas
Initial Thoughts: My first thought of the Byron Petit Poemas was, Holy crap, this cigar is tiny and it costs $20?![...]
Cigar Review: Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Toro
Initial Thoughts: Soaked in, aged in, marinated in... whatever, the Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Toro is supposedly a partnership between[...]
Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Vintage 1979 Robusto
Initial Thoughts: Before starting CigarScore TV, I had a love-love relationship with Rocky Patel cigars. However, after having a bad experience[...]
Cigar Review: Bespoke Cigars Daughters of the Wind Calico
Initial Thoughts: One of the coolest parts about being part of a cigar subscription club such as Luxury or Good Cigar[...]
Cigar Review: MBombay Gaaja Torpedo Maduro
Initial Thoughts: MBombay is not a cigar brand with which I'm too familiar. However, when I got this near-$16 cigar from[...]
Cigar Review: La Aurora 115th Anniversary Limited Edition Belicoso
Initial Thoughts: Wow, this cigar smells really good. As soon as I snatched the La Aurora 115th Anniversary Limited Edition Belicoso[...]
Cigar Review: Plasencia Alma Del Fuego Pantela
Initial Thoughts: Plasencia is another brand I have a love/hate relationship with. After smoking two of the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Generacion[...]
Cigar Review: Plasencia Alma Del Campo
Initial Thoughts: I haven't been smoking Plasencia cigars all that long, but the ones I've had, I loved. I gave the[...]
Cigar Review: Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill
Initial Thoughts: I don't smoke a ton of Oliva cigars, but when I do, they're normally pretty good. And this cigar,[...]
Cigar Review: Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour Toro
Initial Thoughts: Winston Churchill is one of the most iconic names in the cigar world, and he didn't even make cigars.[...]
Cigar Review: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Muestra de Saka Nacatamale
Initial Thoughts: Very few people in the cigar world make a name for themselves outside the brand they're associated with. Of[...]
Cigar Review: Graycliff 30-Year Vintage Pirate
Initial Thoughts: Prior to receiving the Graycliff 30 Year Vintage from the Luxury Cigar Club, I'd never heard of Graycliff cigars.[...]
Cigar Review: Hooten Young Gothic Serpent Torpedo
Initial Thoughts: When I first saw Hooten Young on Instagram, I thought to myself, "Wow! That's an awesome-looking cigar!" So, after[...]
Cigar Review: Sinistro The Last Cowboy Maduro Salomon
Initial Thoughts: I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love cigar subscription boxes because I get to[...]
Cigar Review: Sin Compromiso Seleccion No. 7 Parejo
Initial Thoughts: When visiting 2 Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, New Hampshire, I asked one of the sales reps what their[...]
Cigar Review: Cohiba Black Robusto Tubo
Initial Thoughts: After taking the first puff, I realized that the Cohiba Black Robusto Tubo, despite its near-black wrapper, was actually[...]
Cigar Review: 1502 Blue Sapphire Toro
Initial Thoughts: I received the 1502 Blue Sapphire as part of my platinum subscription to the Luxury Cigar Club, and when[...]
Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Aged, Limited and Rare Sixty (2018)
Initial Thoughts: My first thoughts of the Rocky Patel Aged, Limited and Rare were that it was a big, beautiful cigar[...]
Cigar Review: Cohiba Nicaragua N54
Initial Thoughts: I lit the Cohiba Nicaragua N54 with excitement. Cohiba is one of the biggest names in cigars, so I[...]
Cigar Review: Drew Estate Liga Privada T52 Corona Doble
Initial Thoughts: Liga Privada is somewhat of a rare cigar and a brand I've only see a few times over the[...]
Cigar Review: Diamond Crown Julius Caesar Toro
Initial Thoughts: At $18.95, the Diamond Crown Julius Caesar Toro is the second most expensive I've ever purchased (#1 was a[...]
Cigar Review: H. Upmann Churchill
Initial Thoughts: Cuban cigars are interesting; they're usually very well made but, in general, they're over-hyped. The H. Upmann Churchill was[...]